The Fascist C.I.A., NSA & F.B.I. are all part of the Russian KGB

here in America.


Every "alleged" mass shooting in America has been a false-flag active shooter drill created by the
Fascist U.S. Government, Sheriff/KGB/Police departments, FEMA, F.B.I. & the C.I.A. controlled mainstream media in a coordinated Treasonous effort to ban all guns in America so it will be easier
for Russia, N. Korea & China to invade & takeover America, soon.

Every single god damn politician in America is a Russian Communist transgender morphing alien-hybrid Traitor who wants to ban all guns in America. Not one of them has ever stepped up to defend the U.S. Constitution. Not one, ever.




The Fascist corrupt F.B.I, C.I.A., NSA & U.S. Politicians illegally spy on American Citizen's anytime they want to without warrants via hidden cameras & microphones in every television, computer monitor & with "stingrays." Stingrays are "illegal" electronic privacy invasion devices that allow the F.B.I. & KGB police departments in America to listen to & record all your personal cellphone conversations. "Alexa" is also a privacy invasion device that listens to everything you say & transmits that information directly to the Fascist U.S. Government, Google & local KGB operated police & sheriffs offices all over America & Russia.

The F.B.I., C.I.A., NSA & all local KGB operated police departments in America consider themselves to be above the law & don't care that they violate the 5th Amendment against unwarranted searches. George Orwell was right. "Big Brother" is always watching. It's time to sue the U.S. Government for illegally spying on everyone all the time, especially me. The Russian KGB is here in America in every police department, sheriffs' office & in every branch of the U.S. Government. Surprised? Not me.

Apple & Microsoft are Russian owned companies that use Windows 10 software to activate the hidden spy cameras in every computer monitor & laptop to spy on every user in the world at any time they want to. Wi-fi routers are all Russian built & pre-hacked to transmit your personal information up into the sky directly to the Russian KGB, the F.B.I., C.I.A. & the NSA. That's why there are so many data breaches all the time. Your personal information is illegally hacked by the F.B.I., C.I.A, NSA & KGB to be sold to telemarketers & other crooks for huge profits. My advice is to not use wi-fi or smart tvs & to cover up the camera in your laptop computer.

Attention U.S. / KGB Government: Don't tread on me or America anymore!



The entire United States Government including the President, Vice President, Congress, Senate & the Supreme Court are filled with "bad" morphing alien space lizards that can "shape-shift" into any human form, animal form "except cats" or object they want to by looking at a photo, reading your memories'
or just willing themselves' to do so. No shit!

Donald Trump's Family are all Russian Fascist transgender shape-shifting bad alien space lizards!

Donald Trump, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin

Bad morphing alien space lizards might look like this without their human-like skin.



The entire U.S. Government & the U.S. Supreme Court are and have always
been filled with bad, transgender shape-shifting Fascist alien space lizards!



Don't believe the Socialist/Democrat: Dirty Sanchez-Alex Cortez; Socialism really stinks!




David Icke was right about bad morphing alien shape-shifting space lizards because he is one!


The entire U.S. Government & the U.S. Supreme Court are and have always been filled with bad,
transgender shape-shifting Fascist alien space lizards!

Every American election is & has always been controlled by the transgender morphing alien
space lizard Russian Government. The Russians own the manufacturers all of the electronic voting machines in the world. They are able to hack the results to flip votes to their candidates'
every time they want to. That's how Bush Jr. got elected twice, Obama & Trump.

If you choose to vote, you better use an absentee paper ballot. Those are harder to "hack."

Every U.S. politician is really a Communist Russian spy who wants to ban all guns in American,
so they can create a Fascist New World Order Government in America.


David Icke is a transgender morphing alien space lizard. He is shape-shifting here.


Jared is a Russian woman.


Here is a photo of the transgender morphing alien space lizard: Dzhared Kushner
with her Russian: Spetsnaz/Paratrooper/Female Special Forces unit.


*Watch as the Russian female Dzhared Kushner transforms into:
the man; Jared Kushner right before your eyes!


Jared Kushner is a Fascist transgender female morphing alien space lizard.


The "alleged" Russian Master Spy / pro-NRA honey-pot: Maria Butina has served half of her
"ridiculous" sentence. She should be deported back to Russia in a prisoner exchange deal but
if the U.S. Government was smart it would offer her asylum & a job instead.

Hey everyone; don't forget that in America it's okay to own guns & to be pro-NRA.


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Carter, Kellar, Nicola & Thurston were all famous

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NASA is full of crap.
Space aliens and human alien-hybrids are real & they are here on Earth.


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The Russian, American & Canadian Governments along with the Freemasons have been lying to the world about Egyptian Pyramids existing
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Attention C.I.A./GOOGLE, F.B.I./KGB: You have been violating my guaranteed
American Constitutional First Amendment Right's to Free Speech for too long by
"locking" my websites'. You need to "unlock" my websites' now or legal action
will be taken.

Don't tread on me or America anymore!
Go back to Russia or Mars.