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Attention American Citizens:


You better wake up & get your head's out off

your ass's before it's too late!


There is a Constitutional Crisis in America!


The US Military has gone rogue & refuses to

take orders from "figure-head" Trump.


Oligarch; George Soros has usurped Trump's power

& is the now the un-official President of the United



Soros has been paying off the entire US

Government & the mainstream media to create

a gay, transgender, illegal immigrant filled gun-free

America ruled by NATO.


The Fascist, rogue FBI wants all guns banned

& they want to turn America gay.


The California wildfires were started by the Feds

to burn out the private pot growers & to help

advance their Agenda 21 goals.


The recent California, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe,

Parkland School, Maryland & Las Vegas "alleged"

mass shootings NEVER happened & no one died!

I repeat no one died!


Some of the same Communist FEMA crisis actors

that were acting as victims at the Mandalay Bay Las

Vegas redneck country western concert active

shooter drill took part in the recent active shooter

drill / false flag attack in California.


These active shooter drills created by the corrupt,

Fascist Rogue FBI, CIA & FEMA to take all guns

away from American Citizen's!


Watch out, more false flag active shooter drills are

planned for all over America!


Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever

done for America? Good luck trying.





The "alleged" mass shootings were

Nazi: Trump, George Soros, Nazi: Koch Brothers

& crazy Michael Bloomberg funded false-flag active

shooter drills designed to take all guns away from

American citizens.


Nazi; George Soros, The Nazi Koch Brothers &

the billionaire anti-gun "nut" Michael Bloomberg

are funding the active shooter drill false flag



They are all guilty of Treason, Terrorism & Sedition!



The C.I.A. is using the mainstream media to

spread its propaganda lies' as usual.



The C.I.A.'s Operation Mockingbird &

Operation Gladio are in full swing once again.


Operation Gladio is a C.I.A. worldwide clandestine

plot to use terrorism & false-flag attacks to achieve

its Fascist goal of repealing the 2nd Amendment,

overthrowing the American Government

& toppling other Governments, as needed.


The mainstream media is full of shit along with

homosexual & lesbian disinformation spreading

C.I.A. Operation Mockingbird assets.


Anderson "Cocksucker" Cooper is a lying

disinformation spreading C.I.A. asset!


More false-flag attacks are going to happen again & again until all guns are banned in America.


In 2013, the US Government's "Smith-Mundt Act" was silently repealed. This law prevented the US State Dept., the CIA, NSA & FBI from spreading their Fascist propaganda to the American Public in the form of news broadcasts and other staged active shooter drill public events.



The "Smith - Mundt Act" needs to be re-instated immediately to help end the "fake" news
& stop all of the fake active shooter drills created to take all guns away in America!



Mob hitman / rat / FBI Government informant / protected witness: Whitey Bulger was murdered
by FBI informant's moments after being transfered into a new prison to prevent him from talking about the FBI's secret illegal activities...


The New & Improved 150 Page,

Bush Connection Ebook, Has More

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Most Are From Skorzeny's Private Photo Albums.


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Otto Skorzeny Faked Hitler's "Alleged" Suicide!



Recent DNA tests performed on Hitler's "alleged" skull proved that it was NOT Hitler's at all.
In fact, it was from a woman!

The C.I.A, FBI & NSA are Hitler's 4th Reich in America!

This is the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler After his Alleged Suicide:



Here's Trump's Crazy LGBT Legal Adviser in Drag!


Here's the crazy, gay, ugly, disgusting transvestite

Republican politician: Rudy Giuliani or "Julie"

as "it" likes to be called in "drag."



Yet Another Sexual Deviant Gay Pride Parade...


Here's another one of Trump's "alleged"

butt-buddies. The gay, transvestite, "alleged"

pedophile, LGBT sexual deviant, Illuminati pervert

Presidential adviser: Rodger "The Vagina Dodger"



LGBT is a choice, NOT a "Constitutional Right!"


Hogg is the new Hitler here in America!


I chose NOT to believe the Treasonous "Bullshit"

the U.S. Government, the screaming paid FEMA

child crisis actors demanding more gun control

laws & the C.I.A. controlled Mainstream News Media

were spewing out of their pie holes' about the

recent "alleged" mass shooting in Parkland, Florida

& previous "alleged" mass shootings.


So I chose to do something about it...


In an effort to help save America from Fascism,

I, Erik ORION filed a "second" official FCC

Broadcast Hoax Violation Complaint.


So far the FCC has not responded to my first

or second official complaint letters.


The FCC has NOT responded to my official

complaints so they are obviously in cahoots with

Trump & the entire corrupt Fascist US

Government's false-flag, fake active shooter drill

broadcast hoax violations!


The entire U.S. Government & the entire mainstream

news media are guilty of committing F.C.C.

Broadcast Hoax Violations of epic proportions!


Not one of your corrupt, sexual deviant

Congressmen or Senators has publically

come out to support the 2nd Amendment at all.


This means that they are all being paid to repeal it!


More American's like me need to speak up against

the Tyranny of the New World Order Trump Family

Cabal that was installed in America with the

help of wealthy Russian Oligarchs or the 2nd

Amendment will be repealed & many other

freedoms will be taken away one by one in

order to protect us...


The FCC is supposed to prohibit "Hoaxes."


The Commission's prohibition against the broadcast of hoaxes is set forth at Section 73.1217
of the Commission's rules, 47 C.F.R. § 73.1217.

This rule prohibits broadcast licensees or permittees from broadcasting false information concerning a crime or a catastrophe if: the licensee knows this information is false;
it is foreseeable that broadcast of the information will cause substantial public harm; and
broadcast of the information does in fact directly cause substantial public harm.

Any programming accompanied by a disclaimer will be presumed not to pose foreseeable harm if the disclaimer clearly characterizes the program as a fiction and is presented in a way that is reasonable under the circumstances.

For purposes of this rule, "public harm'' must begin immediately, and cause direct and actual damage to property or to the health or safety of the general public, or diversion of law enforcement or other public health and safety authorities from their duties.

The public harm will be deemed foreseeable if the licensee could expect with a significant degree of certainty that public harm would occur. A "crime'' is any act or omission that makes the offender subject to criminal punishment by law. A "catastrophe'' is a disaster or imminent disaster involving a violent or sudden event affecting the public.

Complaints alleging violation of this rule should be sent to the Federal Communications Commission, Enforcement Bureau, Investigations & Hearings Division, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20554. Complaints should include the call sign and community of license of the station, the date and time of the broadcast(s) in question, and a detailed description of the public harm caused as a result of the broadcast. In addition, if possible, complaints should include a transcript or recording of the broadcast in question.


Watch out! The Fascist Conservative mainstream

media, the corrupt Congress, Senate, the piece of

shit anti-American CIA, FBI & FEMA have many

more False-Flag active shooter drills planned for

America's schools.


Here's Asshole Trump's "Trusted" Legal Adviser /

"Alleged" Gay Lover in Drag.


Here's Trump exhibiting "bad" Conservative

Christian behavior, along with "bad"

motor-boating skills by rubbing his face in the

crazy, gay, ugly transvestite; Republican politician:

Rudy Giuliani's fake tits.


Trump & Crazy Gay Giuliani are "allegedly"

bi-sexual, butt-buddy, lovers!


Crazy, gay Rudy Giuliani doesn't know if "it"

is a man, a woman or an attorney...


Trump is obviously morally & mentally unfit to be a

U.S. President & Guiliani is obviously

morally & mentally unfit to represent him!


Here's the "proper" technique for "motor-boating."

Tips for "proper" motor-boating:


1) Make sure she's a "real" woman first!


It's important for the public to see their elected

Illuminati officials for who or what they really are;

moral degenerate "perverts."


Here's Former U.S. Congressman:

Convicted Pervert: Anthony Weiner aka:

Carlos Danger.


The Very "Dishonorable"



Convicted Child Molester: Dennis Hastert


Most if not all of your Congressmen & Senators

are Freemasons. Some are transvestites, self-hating

flaming homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles and or

Christian Fascist Anti-Americans who "think" they

know what's best for you, your family & America.


Why do you think there are so many "stupid", perverted rich assholes in power in America?


One of Trump's Many C.I.A. Handler's is: Bill Hicks aka: C.I.A. Loud Mouth: Alex Jones

Trump refuses to release his tax returns because he doesn't pay any tax!

Big corporations along with American millionaires & billionaires like Trump don't pay any taxes. That's how they stay so rich! If President Trump Doesn't Pay Any Taxes, Why Should You?


Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever done for America or for you?
If not, you better buy a copy of The Bush Connection ebook before it's too late!
Help Stop The New World Order takeover of America!


Here's another famous transvestite;

The "allegedly" dead, fat comedy actor John Candy.


After a Long String of Movie Failures, The Fat, Gay, Transvestite Canadian Funny Man; John Candy Along with The Corrupt, CIA, FBI & the Hollywood Mainstream Media Faked His Death in 1994.

John Candy Had Plastic Surgery on his Face, Gender Reconstructive Surgery
& Female Hormone Injections to Become a Transgender Woman.

"It" Then Took Over the Identity of CNN Reporter Candy Crowley.

The Real CNN Reporter; The 120lb Candy Crowley.

The Real "Candy" Crowley was Given a Different Identity & a CIA Facelift.


The Fat, Ugly & Disgusting 6'2", 6'5" in high heels, 385+ lb. Transgender CNN Whitehouse News Reporter / Canadian Government Spy / C.I.A. Agent:
"John" Candy Crowley has shoulders that are bigger than most
professional football players!

Come on...doesn't anyone else notice the elephant size "mole" in the room?


911 Was an "Inside" Job!


The Entire U.S. Government including the

Congress, Senate & the CIA controlled mainstream

media conspired to implode the three towers on 911

to cover up Bush & the Pentagon's 2.3 trillion dollar

theft from the American people!


They also got a split of the multi-billion dollar

insurance policy money with building's owner:



The Obama Administration, the CIA & the Pentagon

stole 6.5 trillion dollars from the American people

but yet the main stream media remains quiet about

the largest theft in U.S. history by its own

government. Now the Pentagon can't account

for 23 trillion dollars of taxpayer money.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the 911 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. by Zack Walton


Here are never before published photos of the

Nazi-Sympathizer / Socialite; Barbara Pierce Bush

caressing the young Nazi George H. Scherff Jr. aka:

George H.W. Bush with Bush Family members,

along with Nazi; 6'4" tall Otto Skorzeny and

Leni Reifenstahl.


Barbara Bush, Nazi- Otto Skorzeny, Nazi- George H.

Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W. Bush, Leni Reifenstahl.


Anti-Semite: Barbara Pierce Bush was NOT a nice

old grandmother as the C.I.A. controlled media

portrayed her to be! She was truly a "bad" Granny!



Can you see the difference between your party

leaders? There is no difference who you vote for.

The New World Order Illuminati / C.I.A. control

both parties!


George H.W. Bush was NOT born in America!

He is a foreign born NAZI who was illegally allowed

to become a U.S. President by the corrupt, Fascist

Nazi-loving Secret Service, C.I.A. & F.B.I.!


Bush Sr. is the first "Operation Paperclip" Nazi

to be illegally brought to America by the

U.S. Government. Hitler was the second!


Bush Sr. should be impeached & jailed before he

dies to help restore Democracy to America!


Bush Sr. is the leader of the illegal New World Order

anti-American C.I.A. "Shadow Government" that

controls everything in America & the World.
















The Fascist Democrats & the Supreme Court

appointees are being paid by Russia to repeal the

2nd Amendment!















The F.B.I., C.I.A. & NSA are all part of Hitler's Fourth

Reich in America. They are rogue Government

agencies with no oversight & they operate above

the law.


The Anti-American CIA, FBI & FEMA are at it again

staging more false flag active shooter drills.

Another fake drill just took place in Maryland!


These false flag anti-American, active shooter drills

are U.S. Government sanctioned "Psy-Op" events

created to scare the public into accepting

un-Constitutional gun control laws to protect them.


The Fascist U.S. Government is desperate to ban all

weapons in America starting with semi-automatic

personal defense weapons.


The CIA, NSA, FEMA & the FBI are all part of

Hitler's 4th Reich in America.


The CIA controlled mainstream media & the entire

US Government are getting paid to stage active

shooter drills! The entire US Government is Guilty

of Treason & Sedition!


Freemason King Trump & every Congressman &

Senator that accept cash pay-offs to stage active

shooter drills in an effort to further the CIA's Fascist

agenda of total gun control are guilty of

Treason & Sedition .


They MUST be impeached & jailed before they can

cause more harm to America!


The biggest threat to the American people is its own

Fascist Government!


This is the "face" of Fascism in America!


Here are the Treasonous, anti-American, lazy,

do nothing lawmakers being paid by Russia to have

a Government shut-down to promote Fascist gun



Look at their Traitor faces, they are all pretending

to be so sad because of the 2nd Amendment. Awh...

They vote for more gun control & pay raises for

themselve's while voting against raising the

Minimum Wage for hard working

American Citizens.



Fake Mass Shooting News Once Again...


The Alleged School Shooting in Texas,

NEVER Happened & No One Died!

I Repeat No one Died!


It was another staged, false-flag, anti-2nd

Amendment active shooter drill!


American's better get their head's out of their

ass's before it's too late!


  • The "Alleged" Aurora Colorado Shooting Never


  • The "Alleged" Sandy Hook - Newtown Square Shooting


  • The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Never

    Happened! It Was a Media Distraction so the Corrupt,

    Fascist Congress Could Quietly Pass "CISPA". Which

    Violates Internet Privacy & The 4th Amendment!

  • The "Alleged" Naval Yard Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Recent FT. Hood Shooting Never

    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Recent Santa Barbara Shooting Never

    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Virginia Reporter Shootings Never

    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Oregon College Campus Shootings Never

    Happened Either.

  • The "Alleged" Pulse Night Club Shooting in Florida Never

    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Texas Church Mass Shooting Never

    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Mandalay Bay Casino Shooting Never

    Happened Either!

Erik ORION Exposes Another False-Flag

Active Shooter Drill!


It's only a toy BB-gun. It's not a 9mm

as the MSM claims.



Here is the young butch lesbian/ future porn star /

Jerry Springer Show Contestant, the paid FEMA

Crisis Actor: Emma Gonzales pretending to cry

because of faked gun violence & crisis actor /

weasle / "alleged" Hitler Youth leader /

paid FBI informant; David Hogg.

The "New" Hitler is here in America!


The Young Communist Anti-Gun "Weasle" / future

gay porn actor: Hogg is a FEMA crisis actor!


Crisis actor: David Hogg & his Communist father

both work for the Fascist, Rogue FBI!


Here are the child FEMA crisis actors & the CBS

Director coaching them on what to say.


They are laughing at you, the stupid

American Public!


The American Public & the rest of the world

must be stupid "crack smoking" CNN & FOX News

watching "idiots" for believing the "staged" active

shooter drill in Parkland, Florida was a real event!


Wake up people & dig your head's out of the sand.


It was an active shooter drill. No one died.

I repeat no one died!


The Public is being duped by Russia, N.Korea,

China, it's own Federal Government & the CIA

controlled mainstream media into giving up

its gun rights in an effort to ban all weapons

in America so it will be easier for them to

gain more power over American Citizens.


Hogg & Gonzales are lying, scumbag,

FEMA/FBI Crisis Actors coached by the

Director of CBS & the LGBT sexual deviants

terrorist group!


Hogg is the new Hitler here in America!


Hogg is also "allegedly" the leader of the local

Miami Chapter of The Hitler/Trump KKK Youth Club!


FEMA scumbag lying crisis actors, homeless LGBT

teens from Sanctuary Cities & FBI teenager

confidential informants were bussed & flown in

for free as paid actors / "pretend" victims!


* Fake charities were established to aid the pretend

victims. The illegal proceeds are being shared by

Trump, your corrupt Senators, Congressmen,

Florida Sheriff's Dept., Florida Governor Scott, the

mainstream media and all of the other anti-American

co-conspirators who helped stage the false-flag

active shooter terror drill in Parkland Florida!


The Broward County Florida Sheriff's Office,

Florida Governor Scott along with all of his

cronies are in cahoots with the mainstream media,

the entire U.S. Government, including the CIA,

FBI and FEMA to outlaw all guns in America

starting with semi-automatic personal defense



The same weapons the US Government

uses to “assault” the public with & therefore

attaches its “murderous” intent to them

by calling them “assault” weapons.


The Broward Sheriff's Office "allegedly" got paid

1 Million dollars by George Soros to organize

& stage the active shooter drill.


*Hero COP: Only One Broward Sheriff's Officer:

Scot Pederson refused to take part in the illegal

false-flag active shooter drill. It cost him his job

for doing the "right" thing!


Thank you Officer Pederson for helping to protect

the 2nd Amendment & save America from Fascism!


Foreign countries like North Korea & Russia pay

millions of dollars each year to your corrupt

Senators & Congressmen to take America's guns

away & other freedoms so it will be easier for them

to invade & conquer us!


Diane "Franken" Feinstein & Neocon; Nancy Pelosi

are Communist Traitors. They must be arrested

before they can cause more harm to America!


Watch out!

The Fascist CIA and FBI have many more False-Flag

active shooter drills planned for America's schools.


They are desperate to disarm America so they can

have more power!


Hitler & Stalin believed in gun control too...


Do not trust the mainstream media! The CIA

sponsors their anti-gun content.


I believe in the U.S. Constitution.

That's why I Support the NRA!


The NRA is the only reason the 2nd Amendment is

still valid in America!


If more Jews had weapons to protect themselve's

from their "Nazi" Government, maybe the Holocaust

could have been prevented?


Am I the only one in America that cares about the

2nd Amendment?


If you care about the U.S. Constitution, please help

me protect it!


I need your financial support to help fight Fascism

in America! I can't do it alone...

Help Stop The C.I.A.'s New World Order Takeover of America.

I Can't Do It Alone. Any Donation is Appreciated! Thank you.

Large anonymous donations from celebrities and
or foreign leaders are always welcome! LOL...


Erik ORION appeared on Episode #4.

Otto Skorzeny 1944


During WWII, Hitler's bodyguard; Otto Skorzeny

was the most wanted man in Europe!


Skorzeny & the American Government helped fake

Hitler's alleged suicide.


After WWII, Skorzeny was tried & acquitted at the

Nuremburg Trials.


Skorzeny was NOT a wanted Nazi war criminal

after WWII.


Skorzeny founded the CIA with fellow Nazi George

H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W. Bush & American

WWI Hero: "Wild" Bill Donovan.


Hitler's entire SS Gestapo merged with the

American O.S.S. to form the C.I.A. in 1947.


The C.I.A. is Hitler's Fourth Reich in America!


Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever

done for America?

Skorzeny + Daughter: 1960's - Skorzeny 1999


Here a Never Before Published Photos

of Otto Skorzeny & Dr.Josef Mengele.

Skorzeny + Dr. Josef Mengele 1999

Mengele 1944



Nazis Murdered Dr. Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943

in New York City After Stealing his Death Ray

Invention Plans!


President Trump's uncle; John G. Trump stole

Tesla's trunks filled with important papers

& invention secrets after the Nazis murdered him.



The crazy, paranoid, ego maniac, raging

homosexual, transvestite, pedophile, Nazi loving,

F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover or "Mary" as he liked

to be called, conspired with Hitler & the Vatican to

murder the Great American Genius Inventor, Nikola

Tesla in New York City, NY in 1943 then the corrupt

American Government covered it up!


The F.B.I., C.I.A. & NSA are all part of Hitler's Fourth

Reich in America. They are rogue Government

agencies with no oversight & they operate above

the law.


The Zodiac Killer Was Never Caught Because

He Works For The C.I.A.!


2001 Photo

Here is Dr. Josef Mengele "The White Angel of

Death" aka: C.I.A. Agent: Steven T. Rabel aka: the

real Zodiac Killer wearing his white killing robe,

with a red anthrax sore on his left hand by the

watch that Skorzeny loaned to him. Skorzeny was

given the watch as a gift by Mussolini for

rescuing him.

watchotto and musso

Here's the watch Mussolini gave to Skorzeny

for rescuing him.


Dr. Josef Mengele. The White Angel of Death is

the "Real" Zodiac Killer!


The Insane C.I.A. Killer's alias is: Steven T. Rabel


Special News Bulletin:

Nazi Spy: George H. Scherff Jr. aka: U.S. Navy Pilot:

George H.W. Bush murdered his two crew members;

William White & John Delaney by bailing out of his

perfectly good TBF Avenger!


Nazi: George H. Scherff jr. aka: U.S. Navy Pilot:

George H.W. Bush is in the middle.


Nazi Spy: Pilot- George H.W. Bush is also

responsible for the disappearance & murder of

14 of his crew members from Flight 19, on

December 5, 1945 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


The Ill Fated Flight 19.


Nazi Spy aka: U.S. Navy Pilot George H.W. Bush

murdered his entire squadron of 14 men!


The Nazi saboteur: Pilot George Bush placed

magnets next to the compasses on his squadron's

TBF Avengers & then called out sick for the training

mission. Bush's entire squadron of 14 men got lost

& never made it back from their routine training

flight that day, due to Nazi: George H.W. Bush!


Bush blamed his squadron's loss on pilot error,

space aliens & the Bermuda Triangle, not sabotage.

Nazi sympathizers in the U.S. Navy helped the

young Nazi; Bush cover up his murder's.


Nazi: George H.W. Bush became an Opium

Heroin junkie to escape his guilty conscience.

That's how he earned the nick-name: "Poppy" Bush!


Nazi: George HW Bush & the CIA went on to

Murder JFK!


Nazi: Bush was the "badge" man on the

Grassy Knoll along side of Otto Skorzeny who

was dressed as a "military" man.


Oswald was a "patsie!"



The foreign born Nazi: Bush Sr. & the CIA's Nazis

murdered JFK & RFK and they got away with it!



Crazy, sick Hillary Clinton was recently asked if

she & Bill's close friend / campaign donor;

Billionaire Harvey Weinstein's sex crime's were as

bad as her husband Bill's "alleged" sex crimes.

She shook her head & replied, "Close but no cigar!"


"Gigiddy- Gigiddy!"


The California Wildfires are an Un-Natural Disaster

started by the F.B.I., C.I.A., FEMA & the US Airforce

to wipe-out the private grower's pot crop

businesses while furthering their Agenda 21

Mission to de-populate our Earth & to cause

constant fear to American Citizen's so it's easier

to control them while taking their freedom's

away one by one!


Did you know that your senators and

congressmen get paid millions of dollars

each year by foreign countries to outsource

American jobs to their citizens & to take laws

away that protect our Freedom?

Your Senators & Congressmen illegally

operate a cash for American V.I.S.A.

Greencard racket. They get paid for every

god damn Muslim refugee brought into

America. They are running an illegal Muslim

refugee importing business for big cash!

That's how they stay rich while millions of

American citizens are forced to try to live on

foodstamps & welfare.

N.Y. Democratic Senator; Chuck Schumer

"allegedly"gives preferential V.I.S.A. selection treatment

in return for sexual favors from young boys & black

men. Chuck the "alleged" pedophile clown loves

to eat Tide Pod dish soap.


I support 8 year maximum term limits,

mandatory Obamacare health insurance &

minimum wage salaries for members of

Congress & the Senate! No more life long

millionaire, do nothing career politicians!


C.I.A./Google has an ILLEGAL monopoly which

controls and censors the flow of information

through the internet based on specific orders from

the C.I.A & the White House. CIA/GOOGLE owns &

controls the content on Youtube & Twitter too!


C.I.A./Google has been illegally censoring and

restricting the flow of visitors to my websites' for

more than 15 years now! Google/C.I.A., you suck!

Monopolies are supposed to be illegal in America.



Don't be a "flat-brained" flat earther or a

brainwashed "blue ball" believer any longer!

NASA & the Vatican's lies turn people into

brainless zombies. Which is just what the

U.S. Government wants for its citizens';

dumb, ignorant, non-thinking workers who

don't question authority.


NASA, the Vatican, the Freemasons, the

Scientologists & the entire U.S. Government

are Full of Crap!


They are all running a world wide organized crime

scheme to defraud the public of knowledge

& money!


Ponzi & Madoff had good schemes but this one is

the best & most profitable ever!


NASA is full of crap!



Here's proof that we live on a 45 degree, slanted, flat planed,
oval disk shaped earth.


Here's a never before published photo of the top of the Pyramid of Khufu
on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada from 1875.

Notice the man standing at a 45 degree angle with his hands' by his sides'?

* Here's the Freemason's most guarded secret; ancient pyramids are the only real level surface on our 45 degree slanted, flat plane, oval disk shaped earth. If our earth was not slanted at a 45 degree angle, it would be impossible for a man to stand at a 45 degree angle on top of a pyramid without falling on his face.

The Freemasons, the Vatican & all the World's Governments are in cahoots with each other to hide, loot and then destroy ancient pyramids all over the world to prohibit the public from learning the secret about our 45 degree slanted, flat planed, oval disk shaped earth.

It's forbidden for the public to climb to the top of pyramids in Egypt because the Government doesn't want the public to learn the secret of out 45 degree, slanted, flat planed, oval disk shaped earth!


Houston, we have a problem...


ORION's Theory of our Universe.

Hey Blue Ball Believers & Flat Earth Theorists; I am a Non-Christian & here's my theory of our universe. My theory has a little something for each of you...There are in fact two planet
earths, at an equal distance apart from each other. Both earths are flat planed, oval disk shaped with hollow centers & they are slanted at 45° angles. Both flat planed, oval disk
shaped earths rotate clock-wise on their axis and are encased in a clear sphere-like, atmospheric dome with oxygen to support life.

Above the earth’s atmospheric dome is some kind of “Firmament" comprised of water or ether.
There are "three" moons. Two were once the cores of each earth. There are CIA moon bases at the North Pole and the South Pole of the moon that is between the two earths. There are four solar simulators orbiting the two earths also.

Furthermore, the Earths have a hollow tunnel running completely through their center & 15 other "hollow" tunnels running through them at specific locations around the world. NASA uses patented "solar simulators" to reflect the sun's rays to any location in the world to create "artificial" un-natural sunrises and sunsets. NASA is creating an illusion that fools everyone
on the planet. Really.


Now you know the real truth about what's out there in Space that you are forbidden to see for yourselves unless you are a 33rd, a 45th degree Freemason or a high ranking Vatican Jesuit priest!

My theory of the universe is based on the proven science of Nikola Tesla. I have proven that my theory of the universe is mathematically & scientifically possible. I am 100% certain that it's what our universe actually looks like! NASA, the Freemason's & the Vatican's claims of a single blue ball shaped Earth is a lie. It's "nonsense" or non-science!



Here's the real definition of a conspiracy

theorist: "One who questions the statements

of known liars."


This is the Christian image of the "Devil." There is no such thing as Heaven, Hell, "God" or the "Devil." It's just a story the corrupt Vatican "child raping" priests created to scare the masses in order to control them with their religious voodoo fear "non-sense" or "non-science."


The pyramid looting Freemason's, the Vatican's pedophile priests, the lying Church of Scientology, the CIA, NSA, NASA along with every world government leader know that there are two earths. One is positively charged, the other is negatively charged. They are actually thin, flat-planed, oval shaped disks tilted at 45 degree angles with hollow centers. Both flat planed oval disk shaped earths are incased in a clear round bubble filled with oxygen. There are two suns that have opposite charges, but they keep that proven scientific fact a secret from the public so they can promote the Christian myth of Jesus, one world one god bullshit while they loot all of the hidden, buried Egyptian pyramids & other civilizations of their gold and other treasure all around the world.

The two worlds are able to communicate with each other via Tesla Transmitting technology. Time travel is possible. It is also possible for someone to send music, winning lottery numbers and movies to the past earth so people get their music, winning lottery ticket numbers or movies before the lottery drawing and before their movie or music was actually created! It's not voodoo or magic it's the proven science of Nikola Tesla.

Just about every movie star and famous musician were given or sold their music or movie, years before they actually made it. *That's the big Hollywood "secret." No shit. There are a lot of "soulless" actors & musicians out there. NASA, the Vatican & SETI claim that you must use "high" frequencies to try to communicate with other planets. That's bullshit! They are lying to conceal the truth about the second planet earth existing. *The "magic" frequency to communicate to the other planet earth & to intelligent life on other planets is: 703 MHZ.

It's ORION's Theory that:

The human race is nothing more than an "experiment" being conducted by a super intelligent, advanced alien civilization known to the Vatican, the President of the United States, the C.I.A., NSA & high level Freemasons but unknown to the public. The U.S. Government spends billions of tax payer dollars each year on a war against science. The U.S. Government illegally promotes the Christian myth of Jesus; one world one god non-science or non-sense instead of the truth! There is no separation of Church & State in America as required by law!

I'm calling out NASA & the Vatican about their cosmic lies! I want the Vatican & NASA to announce to the entire world that they have been lying all along and that I, Erik ORION a 50 year old American Citizen made the Greatest scientific discovery known to mankind in 2004.


I, Erik Orion made the greatest scientific discovery known to mankind,
but the US Government is keeping it a secret for its own benefit!

Tesla & I discovered that a 2nd planet earth really exists.


In 2004, I proved that "time travel" & telepathy are scientifically possible!

The US Government, the Vatican, the Freemasons & the Scientologists are suppressing my amazing discoveries' for their own benefit.

The corrupt, Fascist US Government does NOT want the public to know about these proven scientific facts because it interferes with their Global scam of selling the myth of Jesus for profit to the World like the evil Vatican cult of pedophile priests do!



Here is Nikola Tesla's patent for a wireless signaling device to communicate to "other" planets. It's easy to create such a device & you don't have to be a NASA Christian Pseudo-scientist to do so! I will be posting easy, step by step instructions on how to build your own Tesla Transmitter so you can send information to Nikola Tesla on planet earth #1.



Do C.I.A. Alien Hybrids Really Exist?


Check out:

Dead LA man who had 1,200 guns, underwater

car identified; believed to be ‘part alien’ secret

government worker...

There's another C.I.A. "Alien-Hybrid"

genius living in America today...LOL!


NASA, the Vatican, the greedy, Satanic

Freemasons & the entire U.S. Government

are all full of shit!


They are all conspiring to suppress the

proven scientific fact that the earth is NOT

shaped like an inflated ball!


David "Misinformation" Miscavige

Scientology "Midget" Megalomaniac


"Miscavige" is an anagram for "I Give Scam."

And boy it's a "BIG" money making scam!

Ponzi & Madoff were good scammers but

Mr. Miscavige aka: Mr. I Give Scam, has the

best "scam" yet next to the Vatican & NASA!


Attention Scientologist Sheep: You are

being fleeced & scammed by your evil dwarf

leader. David Miscavige aka: David "I give

scam" is a False Prophet! He is selling you

lies and disinformation that the C.I.A.

created along with science fiction writer;

L. Ron Hubbard to guide you away from the

proven scientific fact that two earths exist

with human life.


Our two earths communicate with each other

via Tesla Transmitters. Hey Tom Cruise, it's

me or other humans, NOT aliens that are

transmitting intelligence to the second

planet earth, our past earth, including:

movies, songs, news & winning lottery

numbers. If your leader is telling you that

aliens are giving you, your movies before

you actually make them, he is lying & you

are paying him big for it!

The C.I.A., NSA, Freemason's & NASA use the St. Louis Arch as an interplanetary radio transmitting station to communicate messages to the second planet earth & to other planets with intelligent life on them. There is an ancient Egyptian Pyramid city hiding below the ground and water at the St. Louis Arch. Really.



The Bush Connection is an amazing non-fiction, anti-Nazi history book that details the Bush Family's connection to SS Nazi war criminals
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Hitler's Giant 6' 4" Bodyguard, Commando Otto Skorzeny tells all!

See never before published photos of George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush with Nazi's and more! George H.W. Bush wasn't born in America! He is a presidential usurper and must be impeached to restore Democracy in America !

Learn the identities of the CIA's most beloved Nazi war criminal employees; Scherff Jr., Mengele, Skorzeny, Brunner, Rauff, Gehlen, Wisner & more! See never before seen photos of the optically invisible Aurora Spy Plane leaving a donuts-on-a-rope vapor contrail taking by Skorzeny.

The C.I.A. is Hitler's Fourth Reich in America!

Nazi Lover- C.I.A. Co-Founder & Traitor:
Frank Wisner Sr.


Wisner 1965. He was still alive in 2003!

Otto Skorzeny & the C.I.A. Faked Wisner's

"Alleged" Suicide In 1965!


Most Wanted SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist Alois "The Butcher" Brunner aka: C.I.A. Assassin Fred Kobylarz "brown tie"& Frank "Nazi Lover" Wisner "blue suit" aka: Ed Kobylarz. Josef Mengele in the middle. 2003 Bush Fundraiser Photo.

Frank Wisner Sr. (1965) Frank Wisner Sr. (2003)
Dr. Mengele is behind Wisner in the photo.

Wisner Sr. was the C.I.A.'s chief propaganda minister in charge of Operation Paperclip which illegally brought Hitler's entire Third Reich to America not just rocket scientists, along with Operation's Mockingbird & Gladio to use the U.S. Media as propaganda disinformation spewing outlets for the U.S. Government's Fascist agendas.


America is an Oligarchy. It is NOT a Democracy despite what the C.I.A. controlled Mainstream Media claims it to be! It's Time to Dump "Crazy" King TRUMP & Pence!

I Support Impeachment Charges Against King TRUMP & Pence!!


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Mysteries At The National Parks – C.I.A. Nazi UFO Bases!

Erik ORION tells his story about Hitler's final days to the world live

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Nazi War Criminals CIA Spooks Living in America Receive Millions of Dollars of Secret Pension Money Each Year Compliments of You, The Foolish Sheep, American Tax Payers! The Corrupt, Fascist American Government Loves Its Nazi War Criminal CIA Spooks & Treats Them Better Than Its WWII Vets!

The Following is a List of CIA Nazis That Are Living Free & Receiving Secret Pensions in America:

Dr. Josef Mengele aka: Steven T. Rabel.

Reinhard Gehlen aka: Hank Janowicz

George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George HW Bush.

Alois Brunner aka: Fred Kobylarz

Walter Rauff aka: George Pfaff

Frank Wisner- CIA Traitor Nazi Lover aka: Ed Kobylarz


The Young SS Nazi: George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W.Bush Has The Official Honor of Being The First Illegal Nazi to be Brought toAmerica Under Operation Paperclip!

George HW Bush is a Foreign Born Nazi Spy! He is a Presidential usurper.
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The Corrupt/Communist Secret Service, FBI Gestapo & CIA "Illegally" Allowed a Foreign Born Nazi Spy, Bush Sr. to Become a US President!

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The Truth Always Hurts The Illuminati.

This eBook is a Giant Poke in the Eye to the New World Order

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Erik ORION's Latest "Amazing" Book,

The Pyramids of Oak Island

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Let it be known to all Mankind, that I, Erik ORION discovered the "Lost Pyramid City of "New Egypt" hiding below Oak Island, New Scotland aka: New Jerusalem, Nova Scotia in 2016!


New Egypt aka: Oak Island is the capital city of New Jerusalem
aka: Nova Scotia, Canada. *Present day.

Nova Scotia aka: New Scotland aka: New Jerusalem is man-made.
It was built to hide 1,000's, possibly a million + Egyptian Pyramids!

It's time for the media to recognize me as the one who discovered New Egypt in
New Jerusalem, aka: Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

It's time to re-write the history books & give credit where credit is due...


Here's a never before published photo of the top of the Pyramid of Khufu
on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada from 1875.

Notice the man standing at a 45 degree angle with his hands by his sides?

Ancient pyramids are the only real level surface on our 45 degree slanted, flat plane, oval disk shaped earth. If our earth was not slanted at a 45 degree angle, it would be impossible for a man to stand at a 45 degree angle on top of a pyramid without falling on his face.


Here's the pile of granite stones that were used to construct the Pyramid of Khufu on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The "H-O Stone" was hand carved from one of these huge stones by the legendary pirate Captain Long Ben Avery. The H-O stone is a topographical map of Oak Island. This is what is carved into the stone: Avery Loves Gypsy, Cats + Dogs.


Freemason's Hedon & Chapel carved the letters H & O into the stone along with crosses
and dots to disguise what was originally carved into it by Captain Avery. This photo was
altered by the same conspirators. Parts of the actual image were cut away and replaced
with a fake background and a mirror image. It's a poor Freemason cut & paste job to hide
the pyramids on Oak Island and other landmarks. There is small white micro print written
on the shin bone in the forefront that says "Avery Loves Gypsy, Cats + Dogs."


Here's what is really carved into the disguised H-O stone.


Here's present day Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.


The pointed star rock clue has the words "New Egypt" carved & painted on it.
It symbolizes a pyramid city consisting of eight sided pyramids.

Here's New Egypt of New Jerusalem, Canada, aka: New Scotland aka:
Nova Scotia. Here's what Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada "probably"
looked like around 2 ,500 B.C. It looked identical to Giza in Egypt.

*Notice the large U-shaped structure to the far right of the photo...



If you could see the pyramids the Canadian Government & the Freemasons are hiding & "looting" under Oak Island, they will look like these...

Here's present day Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

* A yellow cargo container at the Lagina Dig Site could be sitting on top of a secret tunnel entrance.

Millionaire Oak Island treasure hunter / land owner; Dan Blankenship's 10x borehole is on target but it might have gone right through the actual tunnel "void" thus blocking access to it.

Dan claim's to never have found anything valuable on Oak Island, yet he is now a millionaire & owns most of the lots on Oak Island. Hmmn?

Hey Dan, "What's hiding in your basement?" A secret pyramid entrance maybe?


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island aka: New Egypt.


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island with the "Tree of Life" overlay.

The Tree of Life represents the original tunnel system hiding under Oak Island.

The large round circles represent the entrances to the tunnels below.


Here's a Map of Oak Island Lot Owners from 2005. The Lagina Brothers own
most of Oak Island Now.

BLACK – Nova Scotia Natural Resources (The causeway)
RED – Oak Island Tours – Dan Blankenship (22 lots)
YELLOW – Centre Road Ventures – Alan Kostrzewa (1 lot)
GREEN – Jane & Dan Blankenship (1 lot)
GRAY – David & Garnette (sp) Blankenship (1 lot)
LIGHT BLUE – Robert Young
PURPLE – Fred Noland (6 lots)
DARK BLUE – John & Christine Johnston (1 lot)

All of the islands in Nova Scotia or New Scotland are "man-made" by the ancient Freemasons. They are built on top of Egyptian Pyramid Cities loaded with gold!

It's time for the mainstream media and Oak Island "experts" to acknowledge my amazing discovery of pyramids existing on Oak Island & make my discovery public for the world to know!

I, Erik ORION declare the "alleged" Curse of Oak Island to be officially over! The truth about what actually exists on Oak Island ended the alleged "Curse."

No more lies! Every island in Nova Scotia was man-made by the Freemasons to hide Egyptian Pyramids loaded with gold! But they don't want you to know that...

It's time to give credit where credit is due!


I am looking for investors to finance an expedition to the "real" Oak Island to recover the Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail & lots of gold!

Anyone interested in financing an expedition to recover the Holy Grail can
contact by email me at:

Josh Gates, Marty & Rick Lagina, Freemasons, Sharks, Monty Python... Anyone?


For more information and photos of the Pyramids of Oak Island, please visit my other website:

Erik ORION is available to be your talk show host...



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Most Are From Skorzeny's Private Photo Albums.


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You can download it immediately to your kindle

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