The entire United States Government including the President, Vice President, Congress, Senate & the Supreme Court
are filled with "bad" morphing alien space lizards that can "shape-shift" into any human form, animal form or object
they want to by looking at a photo, reading your memories' or just willing themselves' to do so.


Donald Trump's family are all Russian born Fascist shape-shifting bad space alien lizards!

Bad morphing alien space lizards
might look like this.

The entire U.S. Government & the U.S. Supreme Court are and have always been filled with bad, alien
shape-shifting Fascist space lizards!


David Icke was right about bad morphing alien shape-shifting space lizards because he is one!


David Icke is a bad morphing space alien lizard. He is shape-shifting here.


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Attention C.I.A./GOOGLE, President Trump/Putin, F.B.I./KGB: You have been violating my guaranteed American Constitutional First Amendment Right's
to Free Speech for too long by "locking" my websites'. You need to "unlock" my websites' now.

Don't tread on me or America anymore!