Warning: The U.S. Government does NOT want you

to view this website because it contains

true information.


This is what our universe really looks like!

Only Freemasons & Jesuit priests get

to go into space. No one else is allowed!


Our two Earth's are round, oval shaped, flat planed

disks slanted at 45 degree angles. They are NOT

shaped like round inflated balls as NASA & the

Vatican falsely claim.

ORION's Theory of our Universe

Here's what our universe really looks like.


NASA, The Vatican, The Freemasons &

Scientologists are all full of SHIT! They are all

conspiring with each other to suppress the truth

about what our universe actually looks like for

political & monetary gain!


NASA's Latest SECRET Tech REVEALED (as George Bush Snr.
is wheeled in) !!! Published by Sam Hancock on 10/2/2016

NASA is a high-tech movie studio that

fakes everything!

Hey NASA, if you need a new director, call me...


The Vatican is nothing more than a cult of sick

homosexual pedophiles who get paid enormous

amounts of tax free money to spread lies &

disinformation about science throughout the world

while raping & molesting children in their quest to

spread the myth of Jesus; one god one world

nonsense or non-science!


Vatican & NASA! No more lies!

I'm calling those evil, lying assholes out about

their "global" scam to defraud the public of

scientific knowledge & money!


Don't be a "flat-brained" flat earther or a

brainwashed "blue ball" believer any longer!

NASA & the Vatican's lies turn people into

brainless zombies. Which is just what the

U.S. Government wants for its citizens'; dumb,

ignorant, non-thinkers who don't question



NASA, the Vatican, the Freemasons, the

Scientologists & the entire U.S. Government

are Full of SHIT!


They are all running a world wide organized crime

scheme to defraud the public of knowledge

& money!


Ponzi & Madoff had good schemes but this one is

the best & most profitable ever!



NASA is full of SHIT!



ORION's Theory of our Universe


There are in fact two planet earths, 500,000,000 miles apart from each other. Both earths are flat planed oval disk shaped with hollow centers & they are slanted at 45° angles. Both earths spin on their center axis but they do NOT orbit the suns. Both flat planed oval disk shaped earths are encased in a clear sphere-like, atmospheric dome with oxygen to support life. Above the earth’s atmospheric dome is some type of “Firmament” that might be comprised of ether or water.

There are "three" moons. The two that were once the cores of each earth are in an orbit around the two earths along with four solar simulator satellites. There are CIA moon bases at the North pole and the South pole of the center moon that is between the two earths. Furthermore, the Earths have a hollow tunnel running completely through their center & 15 other "hollow" tunnels running through them at specific locations around the world.

NASA uses patented "solar simulators" to reflect the sun's rays to any location in the world to create "artificial" un-natural sunrises and sunsets. NASA is creating an illusion that fools everyone on the planet. Really.

Now you know the real truth about what's out there in Space that you are forbidden to see for yourselve's unless you are a 33rd, a 45th degree Freemason or a high ranking Vatican Jesuit priest!



Here's the real definition of a

conspiracy theorist:

"One who questions the statements of

known liars."


"THANK YOU" to whoever the "genius" is

who created the Georgia Guidestone

Monoliths. "Herbert H. Kersten???"


The Guidestones are NOT an "evil" New

World Order message about controlling the

size of the population. Just the opposite!


The Guidestones are a model of our

universe & the writings are the modern day

10 Commandments that human beings

on both planet earths should abide by to

survive in harmony with nature.

THE MESSAGE OF THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES. It's a model of our universe & a warning to mankind...

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.

10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

The hole that you see in the stone was drilled in the Center Stone so that the North Star could be visualized through it at any moment. This was one of several requirements stipulated by R.C.Christian for the building of the American Stonehenge and reflects his obsession with the alignment of the stars, the sun, and the moon. Occultists often worship the alignment and movement of heavenly bodies as part of their religious ceremonies


This is the Christian image of the "Devil." There is no such thing as Heaven, Hell, "God" or the "Devil." It's just a story the corrupt Vatican "child raping" priests created to scare the masses in order to control them with their religious voodoo fear "non-sense" or "non-science."


The pyramid looting Freemason's, the Vatican's pedophile priests, the lying Church of Scientology, the CIA, NSA, NASA along with every world government leader know that there are two earths. One is positively charged, the other is negatively charged. They are actually thin, flat-planed, oval shaped disks tilted at 45 degree angles with hollow centers. Both flat planed oval disk shaped earths are incased in a clear round bubble filled with oxygen. There are two suns that have opposite charges, but they keep that proven scientific fact a secret from the public so they can promote the Christian myth of Jesus, one world one god bullshit while they loot all of the hidden, buried Egyptian pyramids & other civilizations of their gold and other treasure all around the world.

The two worlds are able to communicate with each other via Tesla Transmitting technology. Time travel is possible. It is also possible for someone to send music, winning lottery numbers and movies to the past earth so people get their music, winning lottery ticket numbers or movies before the lottery drawing and before their movie or music was actually created! It's not voodoo or magic it's the proven science of Nikola Tesla.

Just about every movie star and famous musician were given or sold their music or movie, years before they actually made it. *That's the big Hollywood "secret." No shit. There are a lot of "soulless" actors & musicians out there. NASA, the Vatican & SETI claim that you must use "high" frequencies to try to communicate with other planets. That's bullshit! They are lying to conceal the truth about the second planet earth existing. *The "magic" frequency to communicate to the other planet earth & to intelligent life on other planets is: 703 MHZ.

It's ORION's Theory that:

The human race is nothing more than an "experiment" being conducted by a super intelligent, advanced alien civilization known to the Vatican, the President of the United States, the C.I.A., NSA & high level Freemasons but unknown to the public. The U.S. Government spends billions of tax payer dollars each year on a war against science. The U.S. Government illegally promotes the Christian myth of Jesus; one world one god non-science or non-sense instead of the truth! There is no separation of Church & State in America as required by law!

I'm calling out NASA & the Vatican about their cosmic lies! I want the Vatican & NASA to announce to the entire world that they have been lying all along and that I, Erik ORION a 49 year old American Citizen made the Greatest scientific discovery known to mankind.

I am "claiming" to be the first human being to discover that a second planet earth, our current earth's past exists & I am the first person to successfully transmit intelligent communications to our second earth via my home built Tesla transmitter which I built for less than $100.00 with old used computer parts according to the specifications in Tesla's "Method of Signaling" patent #739,188. My first intelligent digital binary communications "1...2...3..." were received by Dr. Nikola Tesla in 1900. Tesla responded with "4."


Attention C.I.A.: You assholes owe me billions of dollars for music & movie royalties alone. It's time to pay up suckers! I have not published how easy it really is to make a Tesla Transmitter yet, but I will if you don't pay up. Soon you will have millions of people building their own inter-planetary Tesla Transmitters for less than $100.00 & they too will be communicating with earth #1 & intelligent life on other planets! I'll do it, no problem...


Here is Nikola Tesla's patent for a wireless signaling device to communicate to "other" planets. It's easy to create such a device & you don't have to be a NASA Christian Pseudo-scientist to do so! I will be posting easy, step by step instructions on how to build your own Tesla Transmitter so you can send information to Nikola Tesla on planet earth #1. Stay tuned...


The BEST FLAT EARTH song EVER!! Must listen - (Nasa faking everything - flat earth man song) by Conspiracy Music Theory Guru.


Hey NASA Christian Pseudo Scientists:


NASA, the Vatican, the Freemasons & the

entire U.S. Government are full of shit!

They are all conspiring to suppress the

proven scientific fact that the earth is NOT

shaped like an inflated ball!



David "Misinformation" Miscavige

Scientology "Midget" Megalomaniac


"Miscavige" is an anagram for "I Give Scam."

And boy it's a "BIG" money making scam!

Ponzi & Madoff were good scammers but

Mr. Miscavige aka: Mr. I Give Scam, has the

best "scam" yet next to the Vatican & NASA!


Attention Scientologist Sheep: You are

being fleeced & scammed by your evil dwarf

leader. David Miscavige aka: David "I give

scam" is a False Prophet! He is selling you

lies and disinformation that the C.I.A.

created along with L. Ron Hubbard to

guide you away from the proven scientific

fact that two earths exist with human life.


Our two earths communicate with each other

via Tesla Transmitters. Hey Tom Cruise, it's

me or other humans, NOT aliens that are

transmitting intelligence to the second

planet earth, our past earth, including:

movies, songs, news & winning lottery

numbers. If your leader is telling you that

aliens are giving you, your movies before

you actually make them, he is lying & you

are paying him big for it!


The C.I.A., NSA, Freemason's & NASA use the St. Louis Arch as an interplanetary radio transmitting station to communicate messages to the second planet earth & to other planets with intelligent life on them. There is an ancient Egyptian Pyramid city hiding below the ground and water at the St. Louis Arch. Really.

There are "three" moons. Two were once the cores of each earth. There are CIA moon bases at the North pole and the South pole of the moon that is between the two earths. There are four solar simulators orbiting the two earths also. Furthermore, the Earths have a hollow tunnel running completely through their center & 15 other "hollow" tunnels running through them at specific locations around the world.

NASA uses patented "solar simulators" to reflect the sun's rays to any location in the world to create "artificial" un-natural sunrises and sunsets. NASA is creating an illusion that fools everyone on the planet. Really.

Now you know the real truth about what's out there in Space that you are forbidden to see for yourselve's unless you are a 33rd, a 45th degree Freemason or a high ranking Vatican Jesuit priest!



The Bush Connection is a non-fiction, anti-Nazi history book that details
the Bush Family's connection to SS Nazi war criminals & Adolph Hitler.

Hitler's Giant 6' 4" Bodyguard, Commando Otto Skorzeny tellls all!

See never before published photos of George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush with Nazi's and more! George H.W. Bush wasn't born in America! He is a presidential usurper and must be impeached to restore Democracy in America !

Learn the identities of the CIA's most beloved Nazi war criminal employees; Scherff Jr., Mengele, Skorzeny, Brunner, Rauff, Gehlen, Wisner & more! See never before seen photos of the optically invisible Aurora Spy Plane leaving a donuts-on-a-rope vapor contrail taking by Skorzeny.

This is the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler taken after his "alleged" suicide!


The C.I.A. is Hitler's 4th Reich in America!



Recent DNA tests performed on Hitler's "alleged" skull proved that it
was NOT Hitler's at all. In fact, it was from a woman.


The C.I.A. is Hitler's 4th Reich in America!

Nazi Lover- C.I.A. Co-Founder & Traitor: Frank Wisner Sr.


Wisner 1965. He was still alive in 2003!

Otto Skorzeny & the C.I.A. Faked Wisner's

"Alleged" Suicide In 1965!


Most Wanted SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist Alois "The Butcher" Brunner aka: C.I.A. Assassin Fred Kobylarz "brown tie"& Frank "Nazi Lover" Wisner "blue suit" aka: Ed Kobylarz. Josef Mengele in the middle. 2003 Bush Fundraiser Photo.

Frank Wisner Sr. (1965) Frank Wisner Sr. (2003)
Dr. Mengele is behind Wisner in the photo.

Wisner Sr. was the C.I.A.'s chief propaganda minister in charge of Operation Paperclip which illegally brought Hitler's entire Third Reich to America not just rocket scientists, along with Operation's Mockingbird & Gladio to use the U.S. Media as propaganda disinformation spewing outlets for the U.S. Government's Fascist agendas.



America is an Oligarchy. It is NOT a Democracy despite what the C.I.A. controlled Mainstream Media claims it to be! It's Time to Dump "Crazy" King TRUMP & Pence!

I Support Impeachment Charges Against King TRUMP & Pence!!


Freemason "King" Trump has an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid city filled with Gold hidden beneath Mar-a-lago! That's how he really got so rich while all of his company's & employee's went bankrupt. That orange shit on his face is made from real gold flake dust.

Attention DEMOCRATS: Here's how to arrest & impeach King TRUMP!

TRUMP is using his own personal gold supply to loan out to other countries which destabilizes the value of the American dollar. TRUMP is manipulating the world wide currency markets, which is illegal. Only the Federal Reserve can do that...

TRUMP has been selling over priced Palm Beach Florida Mansions with secret pyramids loaded with gold to his Russian comrades for pennies on the dollar! The Russians smuggle the gold out of America & back to Russia which increases their economy but destroys the American economy by devaluing the American dollar.

TRUMP faces 20 years in prison for hoarding more than 1 billion dollars worth of gold. TRUMP's enormous gold stash needs to be seized & brought back to Ft. Knox where it belongs to stabilize the American economy!


It's time to "usurp" TRUMP's power & for the U.S. Treasury Department to do its job & seize TRUMP's illegal billion dollar gold stash to re-stabilize the American economy!


"Mar-a-lago" is Spanish for "The One Who Leaves No Tip!"


King Trump has Presidential Pyramid / Bomb Shelters loaded with more than 1 billion dollars of gold hidden beneath the tennis courts at Mar-a-lago That's why he likes to visit so often! There's a big hatch in the ground that opens up so disguised trucks can pull up and unload the gold bars.

Trump's Mar-a-lago compound is built on top of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid City whose "theme" is an orange cat.

*Attention Freemason's: Trump violated the #1 rule of Freemasonry, many times over..."no women are ever allowed into a pyramid!"

"Allegedly" Trump has been having sex with women & throwing wild "orgies" in the secret pyramids below Mar-a-lago & all over Palm Beach Island, Florida for years!

Former President J.F.K. & R.F.K were both banging Marilyn Monroe & scores of other women in the secret pyramid presidential bunker on Peanut Island, Florida just across from the Kennedy Compound on Palm Beach Island, FL.


They violated the #1 rule of Freemasonry by bringing women into secret pyramids & they paid the ultimate price for it!

*Based on my photos & information; I predict that Trump will be get assassinated soon by the Freemason's for having sex with women in secret pyramids, just as the "Simpson's" predicted over 17 years ago, but NOT for the same reason, obviously.

Just about all of the rich & shameless residents on Palm Beach Island, FL have pyramids filled with gold secretly hiding underneath their homes!

Why do you think there are so many "stupid", perverted rich assholes in power in America? The Freemasons control the entire U.S. Government that's why!

There are secret ancient Egyptian Pyramid Cities, "once" filled with gold buried all over Florida & the world!



One of Trump's Many C.I.A. Handler's is: Bill Hicks aka:

C.I.A. Loud Mouth: Alex Jones

Trump refuses to release his tax returns because he doesn't pay any tax!

Big corporations along with American millionaires & billionaires like Trump don't pay any taxes. That's how they stay so rich! If President Trump Doesn't Pay Any Taxes, Why Should You?


Did you know that your senators and

congressmen get paid millions of dollars

each year by foreign countries to outsource

American jobs to their citizens?

Your Senators & Congressmen illegally

operate a cash for American V.I.S.A.

Greencard racket. They get paid for every

god damn Muslim refugee brought into

America. They are running an illegal Muslim

refugee importing business for big cash!

That's how they stay rich while millions of

American citizens are forced to try to live on

foodstamps & welfare.

N.Y. Democratic Senator; Chuck Schumer

"allegedly"gives preferential V.I.S.A.

selection treatment in return for sexual

favors from young boys & black men.


I support 8 year maximum term limits,

mandatory Obamacare health insurance &

minimum wage salaries for members of

Congress & the Senate! No more life long

millionaire, do nothing career politicians!

9-1-1 Was an Inside Job!

The Entire U.S. Government including the Congress, Senate & the CIA controlled main stream media conspired to implode the three towers on 911 to cover up Bush & the Pentagon's 2.3 trillion dollar theft from the American people. They also got a split of the multi-billion dollar insurance policy money with building's owner: Silverstein! Obama, the CIA & the Pentagon stole 6.5 trillion dollars from the American people but yet the main stream media remains quiet about the largest theft in U.S. history by its own government.



George H. Bush & His CIA Nazi Comrades Murdered JFK.
Oswald Was a "Patsie!"


Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever done for America or for you?
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Your vote does NOT count. It Makes no Difference who you Vote for. The Right Wing and the Left Wing Belong to the Same "Freemason" Satanic Bird; "MOLOCH. "Wealthy Oligarchys "Own" the Electoral College & the Mainstream Media. They Decide who Becomes the President, NOT you!



Everything you ever wanted to know about the 911 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. by Zack Walton


Mysteries At The National Parks – C.I.A. Nazi UFO Bases!

Erik ORION tells his story about Hitler's final days to the world live

on the Travel Channel! Erik's section starts 4:55 minutes after the video starts.

Nazi War Criminals CIA Spooks Living in America Receive Millions of Dollars of Secret Pension Money Each Year Compliments of You, The Foolish Sheep, American Tax Payers! The Corrupt, Fascist American Government Loves Its Nazi War Criminal CIA Spooks & Treats Them Better Than Its WWII Vets!

The Following is a List of CIA Nazis That Are Living Free & Receiving Secret Pensions

in America:

Dr. Josef Mengele aka: Steven T. Rabel.

Reinhard Gehlen aka: Hank Janowicz

George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George HW Bush.

Alois Brunner aka: Fred Kobylarz

Walter Rauff aka: George Pfaff

Frank Wisner- CIA Traitor Nazi Lover aka: Ed Kobylarz


Hitler's Nephew,The Young SS Nazi: George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W.Bush Has The Official Honor of Being The First Illegal Nazi to be Brought toAmerica Under Operation Paperclip!

George HW Bush is a Foreign Born Nazi Spy! He is a Presidential usurper.
Bush Must be Impeached to Restore Democracy to America!

The Corrupt/Communist Secret Service, FBI Gestapo & CIA "Illegally" Allowed a Foreign Born Nazi Spy, Bush Sr. to Become a US President!

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  • The "Alleged" Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub Shooting Never Happened! It was another staged false-flag attack by Obama, the CIA, FBI & the lying mainstream media!
  •  The "Alleged" Aurora Colorado Shooting Never Happened!
  • The "Alleged" Sandy Hook - Newtown Square Shooting Never Happened!
  •  The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Never
  • Happened! It Was a Media Distraction so the Corrupt,
  • Fascist Congress Could Quietly Pass "CISPA". Which
  • Violates Internet Privacy & The 4th Amendment!
  •  The "Alleged" Naval Yard Shooting Never Happened!
  •  The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened!
  •  The "Alleged" Recent FT. Hood Shooting Never Happened Either!
  •  The "Alleged" Recent Santa Barbara Shooting Never Happened Either!
  •  The "Alleged" Virginia Reporter Shootings Never
    Happened Either!
  •  The "Alleged" Oregon College Campus Shootings Never
    Happened Either!

Email: orionstar123@gmail.com




The Truth Always Hurts The Illuminati.

This eBook is a Giant Poke in the Eye to the New World Order

Compliments of Erik ORION.


Erik ORION's Latest "Amazing" Book,

The Pyramids of Oak Island

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Here's present day Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Here's what the booming pyramid city of New Egypt aka: Oak Island probably looked like around 2,500 B.C.. It was an 8 x 8 grid of pyramids lined up in perfect rows.


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island aka: New Egypt Nova Scotia, Canada.


Here's a never before published image of the Pyramids of Oak Island aka: New Egypt, aka: New Jerusalem Nova Scotia, Canada. Before it flooded. The extra, fourth pyramid is known as the "black" pyramid.

Here is an exact scale image of the Pyramids of Oak Island aka: New Egypt
aka: New Jerusalem. Theory #2017

Here's present day Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada with X-ray vision. It's a giant pyramid farm. The lying Freemason pyramid looters: the Nolan Family, Blankenships & the "raging" Freemason Lagina looter brothers have been "harvesting" all the treasure from the "pyramid farm" while denying that they ever found anything of value on Oak Island.

The raging Freemason Lagina "looter" brothers stole the "H.O." stone clue and other clues so no one other than a Freemason can see them. Those items should be on display in a museum for the public to see. Hey Lagina brothers, how about bringing the H.O. stone clues back to Oak Island to put in the public museum? Thanks.


Here is the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life represents the original tunnel system & the circles are the safe entrances.

The Blankenship's & Nolan's houses are sitting on top of secret pyramid tunnel entrances. Nolan also has a secret tunnel entrance at the beginning of his boat dock which he used to smuggle the looted pyramid treasure off of Oak Island.


Here are the Pyramids of New Egypt with the Tree of Life & 8 pointed star rock overlays.

Freemason pyramid looters; Dan & Dave Blankenship have a secret pyramid entrances hiding below the shack next to their main house.

Freemason pyramid looters; the Surviving Nolan family has a secret tunnel entrance to the pyramids of Oak Island below their house & boat dock.

Freemason pyramid looters; The Blankenships & Nolans have been robbing the pyramids of Oak Island for more than 45 years while lying about ever finding anything valuable!

No more lies, guys. Your secret is over & so is your "alleged" Freemason Curse of Oak Island!

Fred Nolan was #7. I predict that Dan Blankenship will be #8, after viewing this website.


Here's a Map of Oak Island Lot Owners from 2005.
The Lagina Brothers own most of Oak Island Now.

BLACK – Nova Scotia Natural Resources (The causeway)
RED – Oak Island Tours – Dan Blankenship (22 lots)
YELLOW – Centre Road Ventures – Alan Kostrzewa (1 lot)
GREEN – Jane & Dan Blankenship (1 lot)
GRAY – David & Garnette (sp) Blankenship (1 lot)
LIGHT BLUE – Robert Young
PURPLE – Fred Noland (6 lots)
DARK BLUE – John & Christine Johnston (1 lot)



Here's a map of the exact locations where Sinclair buried 450+ Templar Knight treasure ships. Some are buried in multiple stacks of 10 ships or more, just under 5' of dirt all over Oak Island.



The 8 pointed star rock clue with "New Egypt" & other writing on it.


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island with the Tree of Life & 8 pointed star rock clue overlays.


Here is the "real" Oak Island. It is known as Big Fish Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.




Here are more theories of where those elusive Pyramids of Oak Island are located.

For more information and photos of the Pyramids of Oak Island, please visit my other website:


Attention Freemason's:
I am willing to sell the copyrights to my book and website: The Pyramids of Oak Island for $100,000,000., The whole world will find out about your "pyramid farm" secret soon.