The Bush Connection is an amazing, non-fiction, anti-Nazi, copyright protected history book that details the Bush Family's connection to Nazi war criminals, Adolph Hitler and the murder of Dr Nikola Tesla.

Hitler's giant, 6'4" bodyguard Commando: Otto Skorzeny tells all at a recent death-bed confession.
The C.I.A. is Hitler's Fourth Reich in America and don't you forget it!

The amazing Bush Connection book is available for sale as a Kindle for $9.99, a PDF for $19.99 & as a paperback for $29.99 on Amazon.com.


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“The Pyramids of Oak Island is an amazing book. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down..."

— Bill Robinson

“I wasn't able to sleep at all. When I finished the book all I could think about is pyramids....“

— William H. Avery


Book Publishers, Movie Producers, the News Media & the public can contact me by email at: orionstar123@gmail.com

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I, Erik Berman aka: ORION am a single, 55 year old successful author with five copyright protected books to my credit; The Bush Connection, The Pyramids of Oak Island, Sabotage, Celebrity Death Hoaxes Exposed & Pyramid Power Plants. I'm also an inventor with a U.S. Patent #5,078,640 for a medical device; stuffed animal crutch pads. In 1990, I graduated from Stockton State University in Pomona, NJ with a B.A. in Marketing. I am currently working as a real estate broker in Florida.

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