CIA Black-ops


Here's the C.I.A.'s "alleged" photo of Bin Laden, dead. It's Absolute Proof that The C.I.A. Is Full of Crap! Get Ready For More False Flag Attacks Against America by The C.I.A.!


The C.I.A.'s "Operation Godzilla" caused the largest earthquake in recent history in Japan on 3/11/2011 with advanced H.A.A.R.P. technology that the Nazis stole from Dr. Nikola Tesla!

Get Ready Iran, Pakistan & India...You're Next To Have A C.I.A./H.A.A.R.P. Induced Earthquake Devastate Your Country & Economy! Uncle Sam & OPEC are thirsty & they're coming for your oil supply next!


The C.I.A.'s Operation Godzilla Destroyed Tokyo, Japan...Iran's Next! Can you name
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The Illuminati C.I.A Nazis Are Hiding Stolen Holocaust Money,The Stolen Federal Reserve
Gold & Stolen Tesla Technology In A Secret Hollowed Out Mountain Base in
Glacier National Park, MT.


Here's a video of a secret tunnel entrance like the one in Glacier National Park, MT.

It could lead to a hidden pyramid CIA / Freemason base?

The stolen Federal Reserve gold from Ft. Knox & stolen advanced Tesla technology belong to the American people. This is the only photo in existence of a "next generation" B-4 Stealth Bomber with its electronic cloaking camouflage enabled. You are actually looking through the craft to the road below. Notice the separation in the center line. It's being distorted by the craft above.

The craft is hovering silently above the secret tunnel entrance in an artificially created anti-gravity field along with several VTOL Black Manta TR3 Stealth Fighter planes, Aurora spy planes, B-5 Wraiths & F-19 Specters waiting to blast anyone who tries to sneak in! If you look close you can see a large white dollar sign, there is a man climbing out of a hatch onto the wing, on the other side of the craft is a man sitting on top the craft with black surface below him and there is even a man with a beard on top of the craft, wing-walking with his arms squeezing a black retaining ring to hold him in place.



The C.I.A. used the Air Force's giant TBM's Tunnel Boring Machines to secretly hollow out 100's of miles of tunnels underneath Glacier National Park, MT.

Giant Tunnel Boring Machine


TBM on track


A TBM breaking through the other side...

Other countries hide their war planes in hollow mountains too.


Cars & their contents are secretly being x-rayed while driving through the man-made
tunnel before you get to the sharp bend in the road.


Attention US Government Officials; the CIA base is a foreign entity "squatting" on American soil, therefore all of its stolen Holocaust gold assets and the loot stolen from Ft. Knox can be seized & re-claimed by the State of Montana, The Black Foot Native Americans & The US Federal Government!

If President Obama takes back what belongs to the American People the Recession-like economy in America would come to an end and it would restore the public's lost faith in the US Government.