The Boston Marathon False Flag Attack


Blame Bush, Cheney, the F.B.I., C.I.A., NSA, FOX News
& Silverstein for 911 !

911 Was A False-Flag attack against America "allegedly" planned & executed by the entire Bush Cabal Administration, the C.I.A., F.B.I., NSA, US Airforce, Fox News, FEMA, The BBC, World Trade Tower owner Silverstein. Mossad & MI5.

The recent alleged Newtown Connecticut shootings never took place. It was a staged terror drill like the Aurora Colorado shootings to sway public opinion into allowing Obama to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Greenberg/FEMA Crisis crisis actors were hired to play the role of alleged grieving parents. There were reports of multiple shooters. There were no surveillance cameras in the school? Where's the blood and photos of the bodies. This event never took place! Condolence Videos were uploaded to Vimeo 1 month before the alleged shootings took place.

It's time to impeach Obama and evey congressman and senator that votes to gut the 2nd Amendment. Obama, The Connecticut State Police, Newtown Police, FBI, The Whitehouse controlled Mass Media & FEMA are guilty of "allegedly" conspiring to create a false-flag, staged terror mass murder shooting event at Newtown, CT to rally Americans into letting Obama repeal the 2nd Amendment. Be ready for more false flag staged shootings.


"Who Wants More Gun Control?
Raise Your Right Hand."

It's Time To Impeach Obama & Feisntein Before They Create More False Flag Attacks to Use As Excuses to Declare Martial Law & Repeal The Second Amendment!

Fake Cop Actors Posing or The Cameras


Here we have the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing hoax. A dishonest, Anti-American, F.B.I. agent "pencil neck / red-tie & glasses" & his Boston Government cronies lying to the world about their staged FEMA mass casualty crisis bombing anti-gun propaganda movie they were filming.

The Boston Marathon Staged FEMA Mass Casaulty Terror Drill Was "Allegedly" Financed By Mayor Bloomberg & Bill Gates Along With The Staged Sandy Hook & Aurora, CO Terror Drill Staged Shootings. Here we have the Craft Team "bombers." Notice their black back packs with white square on top, tan army pants, tan jump boots, ear pieces and cell phones.


Craft Team bomber with black back pack & white square on top.


Here we have another Craft Team bomber, planting bomb #1!


Here we have another Craft Team bomber running away while detonating his back pack bomb #2 that he just dropped.


Here we have another Craft Team bomber with a black back pack &
a portable detonator or possibly a radiation meter in his hand.


Here we have three more Craft Team bombers running away
from the bomb they just planted & detonated!


Here is the F.B.I.'s official photo of the Craft Team bomber's
exploded black back pack with a white square on top.


Here we have the F.B.I's "useful idiot" accused/dead older brother bomber suspect. *Notice that his back pack pack does not have a white square on top of it! Notice his tan pants & white shirt.


The F.B.I. claims that this "look-a-like" paid actor is Tamerlan. * Notice the tattoo on his left arm, his wide side burns, black shirt, black pants and shoes. The F.B.I. paid an actor who looked like Tamerlan to plant the fake bomb. They secretly arrested him and let him go while framing Tamerlan & his brother for the "alleged" bombing.


This is Tamerlan boxing this year. *Notice that he does not have a tattoo
on his left arm.


Here is the real "actor" flash bomber. The Boston Police caught him,
but because he is only an actor, they let him go...

The Boston Police needed a new suspect so the FBI told them to go after Tamerlan & his younger brother. The Boston Police framed & murdered Tamerlan for the alleged bombings. 5/22/2013 The corrupt F.B.I. Nazis just murdered a Federal Witness, one of Tamerlan's friends in Orlando, Florida.


*Notice there is no tattoo on Tamerlan's left arm

Eye witness reports claim to have seen the Boston Police run down Tamerlan with an SUV then the NAZI psycho cops shot him full of holes. The Boston Police murdered Tamerlan & their own MIT cop with friendly fire.




Here we have the F.B.I.'s "useful idiot" younger brother accused bomber. *Notice his white colored back pack!


Here we have the F.B.I.'s "useful idiot" younger brother, accused bombing suspect leaving after dropping his white back pack, after the two Craft Team flash bombs had been detonated!


Here we have the double amputee actor aka: Jeff Bauman. *Notice his stumps & hand signal...The man with the hoodie & sunglasses is about to help Jeff insert his stumps into fake rubber prosthetic wounded legs. *Notice the black zip-tie used to secure the fake leg!




Here we have a man with a hat, sunglasses and bright green shoe laces helping a double amputee actor insert his stumps into fake rubber, mangled leg prosthetic movie props.


Hand signals from actors

Here we have the amputee actor and black lady actress giving hand signals to the camera to evidence that the fake prosthetic legs are in place. The man with the hoodie, sunglasses & green shoe laces just helped insert the fake legs onto the amputee actors stump's.


Here we have the man with the hat, sunglasses & green shoe laces hanging out directing the paid FEMA crisis actors.



The man with the hat, sunglasses & green shoe laces is "allegedly" Lewis Cohen, the award winning Canadian film director and producer from GALAFilms of Montreal, CA. GALAFilms was "allegedly" paid by the American & Canadian Governments to produce & film the staged mass casualty terror drill at the Boston Marathon to help with both Governments Nazi anti-gun agenda, just like the fake Sandy Hook & Aurora, CO alleged shootings.


Here we have an ugly, FAT lady in purple, running with scissors seen shredding "alleged" bomb victims clothing to help create the illusion of a real blast!


Here is the Hollywood Movie Producer Steven Speilberg helping direct the
false flag attack hoax drill movie for FEMA.


Here we have an ugly, angry, bald, "zombie" FEMA crisis actor who just had his pants shredded by the ugly, FAT lady with scissors! Double amputee crisis actors were paid to take part in the White House & FEMA's staged mass casualty terror drill.


Here is the double amputee liar, a FEMA crisis actor aka: Jeff Bauman with fake injured leg prosthetic legs over his "stumps." Notice that there is no blood anywhere and he is not in any pain! Hey, where's the blood trail & horrific pain?


A paid FEMA/Greenberg crisis actor smiling for the camera while carrying a fake victim with an alleged leg wound that had to be allegedly amputated


Here's more Greenberg/FEMA actors smiling for the camera while carrying a fake leg injury victim. Her leg had to be "allegedly" amputated because of the bomb blast.


Here we have a pretty blonde alleged amputee victim. She seems very happy to just have her leg allegedly blown off.


Here we have another alleged victim who allegedly had to have her foot amputated after the alleged bomb blast.


Here we have another lying, piece of shit FEMA crisis actor/alleged victim who allegedly had to have "both" of her feet amputated after the alleged bomb blast.

Fake FEMA crisis actors...


Fake Victims


Fake Victim Actors


Here we have another lying, piece of shit FEMA crisis actor/alleged victim who is pretending to be scared. Aw he's so scared it's frightening!


The same FEMA crisis actor pretending to be scared with a fake leg wound without any blood on the bandage was just helping a lady in the photo above, now he's injured and needs a wheelchair...Bullshit!


A child actor with a fake leg injury. *Notice that there is no blood?

actor2 actor1

Here we have another liar, a FEMA crisis actor/alleged victim who allegedly had to have "both" of his feet amputated after the alleged bomb blast.


No blood, No Injury, Bad Granny FEMA Crisis Actor With Fake Injuries

Here we have another lying FEMA crisis actor/alleged victim who is pretending to be hurt from the fake bomb blast. Fake blood!


Here We Have The Ugly, Fat Elephant Butt, Liar, FEMA Crisis Actor


Here we have the ugly elephant butt lady & fat ugly, elephant butt sister pointing at the camera. The man she is screaming at it is the same Gene Rosen FEMA actor who was at the fake Sandy Hook shoot movie set.


Here we have the ugly elephant butt lady & film crew dude


Here we have elephant butt lady - a bad FEMA crisis actor.


Here we have ugly, elephant butt lady, complaining about something. "Hey, where's the free food cart? I'm starving...."


Here we have one of the ugly fat elephant butt sisters, another lying piece of shit FEMA crisis actor/alleged victim who is pretending to be hurt from the fake bomb blast.

Here we have the Hollywood movie "moulage" make-up &
blood kits left behind by the FEMA crisis actors.


Here we have another liar. A FEMA crisis actor pretending to be injured. Notice the fake blood container?


Here we have two more liars! More FEMA crisis actors
with fake injuries!


Here we have another liar! More FEMA crisis actors
with fake injuries!


Here we have another liar, a happy amputee actor; Heather Abbott falsely claiming to have lost her leg in the alleged Boston Bombing. Heather is smiling and happy because the US Government allegedly paid her $250,000 cash tax free to pretend to be injured. Heather lost part of her leg due to a motorcycle accident years earlier.


A fake F.B.I. bomb blast. No one was really injured!


Here is an F.B.I. doctored photo of the uninjured person from the above photo with a "photo-shopped" leg injury to add affect.


One Photo With F.B.I. added Injury....The same person before, with no injury.


Here we have a Greenberg/FEMA crisis actor aka: Principal Dawn from the Sandy Hook Newtown Square FEMA staged mass shooting drill. She allegedly died in the school that day, however she was alive and well at the Boston Marathon & now her name is Donna.


Here we have the co-conspirator, lying Nazi Boston Police Commissioner referring to the brothers as "actors." Beware of the homosexual white haired, fudge-packer: Anderson Cooper. He is a C.I.A. asset pushing an anti-gun / pro-homosexual agenda on the American public.


Anderson "Cock-Sucker" Cooper is a Communist C.I.A. Asset!

Blame the Communist Presidential/Usurptor- Malcolm X Jr. aka: Barak Obama, your congressmen and senators for the high gas prices! America is still the #1 Producer of oil in the world. There is no shortage of gas! Your congressmen and senators all own stock in the oil companies & they all receive free gas debit cards from them. They don't care how high gas prices go because they are all profitting from it. Frank Davis/Malcom X Jr./Obama is a dual citizen and is not eligible to be a US President as per the US Constitution requirement " Natural born citizen..."