There's No Gold In Ft. Knox!

The Federal Reserve & C.I.A. Nazis looted all of America's gold reserves' years ago & deposited in David Rockefeller's vault. According to Skorzeny, the C.I.A used the Air Force's nuclear powered TBM's or tunnel boring machines to secretly create tunnels under Ft. Knox which allowed the C.I.A. to easily break in and steal all the gold. In addition to using secret underground tunnels to loot Ft. Knox's gold supply, the C.I.A. was able to steal billions in gold by landing VTOL planes with optical stealth capability inside of Ft. Knox's fencing.

The Ft. Knox/C.I.A. guards wheeled carts of gold bars at night, up a ramp and into the C.I.A.' s optically invisible planes and flew away with all the gold without the public suspecting a thing! Ft. Knox is empty & the broke American Government will do anything to protect their lie!

The Federal Reserve MUST be audited to restore Democracy to America! Any senator, congressman or President that is against auditing the FED should be impeached!