SS Nazi: Reinhardt Gehlen


Most Wanted SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist. Hitler's Spy Master Reinhardt Gehlen aka: C.I.A. Assassin Hank Janowicz. SS Nazis Gehlen & Skorzeny murdered the Great American Inventor Dr. Nikola Tesla, in New York City, NY in January 1943 & they got away with it. Gehlen is still alive despite false C.I.A. claims of his death!

Reinhard Gehlen was born during the same time frame that Mengele, and Bormann was born. He began as a career German officer who graduated to intelligence, miraculously emerging from the crushed Third Reich to become the great spymaster in post-war Berlin when it was the hotbed of espionage between the Soviets and the West. The son of an army officer who later became a successful publisher. He was born in Erfurt, Germany.

After graduating officer’s candidate school, in 1942 he was promoted as a lieutenant colonel to head intelligence for Foreign Armies East, the German military forces in Russia. His superior was Colonel Adolf Heusinger who found Gehlen a superb spymaster (In postwar Germany, Gehlen would later find a place for Heusinger in his West German intelligence organization.) Gehlen's unit worked separately from the SS and SD, collecting an enormous amount of information on Russian partisans and regular troops.

Of particular interest to Gehlen was the Soviet officer corps. In-depth profiles were produced not only on the high-ranking officers but also on those who would replace those military leaders in years to come. The Soviet codes and ciphers were systematically categorized, then broken. Russian intelligence methods of infiltration, interrogation, use of Covers, letter- boxes, dead drops, all the techniques of espionage were chronicled in precise terms and on an encyclopedic basis.

All Communist politicians received the same kind of deep profile treatment. Gehlen was a demanding, exacting spymaster and his records later proved how extensive and encompassing was the work of his unit. Gehlen cultivated a vast network of spies, mostly recruiting Russians with German backgrounds and who thought of themselves as Germans.


Gehlen's Most Wanted Mug Shot