Most Wanted SS Nazi: Walter Rauff


SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist / Holocaust Killer Walter Rauff aka: C.I.A. Assassin George Pfaff & Commando: Otto Skorzeny "seated" - 1999.

Walter Rauff was one of the most despicable & evilest of all the SS Nazis, next to Bush, Mengele, Brunner, Bormann, Eichman, Gehlen and Hirt. He was directly responsible for creating “mobile, poison gas-filled killing vans.” He would drive around the ghettos of Poland, in his Nazi custom built FORD van where Jews, “Pols”, elderly, and the handicap ped were forced by the SS Nazi Gestapo agents into the back of these mobile killing vans. When they were all in the back of the van, the doors were closed and locked, a pipe from the van’s exhaust was diverted into a hole in the van’s floor where carbon dioxide gas was from the van’s engine was pumped into the back until all occupants were dead.

Rauff was directly respons ible for the deaths of at least 700,000 –1,000,000+ innocent Jews and Pols.At the end of WWII, the C.I.A., and the Red Cross helped him and his millions of stolen Jewish Holocaust money escape to Argentina as they had done with all of their Nazis. The Vatican then took over and hid Rauff as they hid Hitler for several years in a local church in Buenos Aires. With help from the Vatican and the C.I.A. he faked his own death in 1984. The C.I.A. helped fake the deaths of all of its SS Nazis’.


According to Skorzeny, The Israeli Mossad mistook Walter Rauff for Alois Brunner when they sent letter bombs to him that blew his fingers and eye off. The Mossad still believes that they “bombed” Brunner when in fact they really bombed Walter Rauff. “Oh Well, one disfigured, half-blinded Nazi killer is as good as another.”

The C.I.A. lied again. Brunner is NOT missing fingers & an eye, Rauff is!