The flaming homosexual, transvestite F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover or "Mary" as he liked to be called, conspired with Hitler & the Vatican to murder the Great American Genius Inventor in New York City, NY in 1943 then the corrupt American Government covered it up!


This original photo of Tesla on the beach came from Erik ORION's personal collection.

You will NOT see this photo anywhere else unless it was stolen from my website!

Here we have the young, handsome Dr. Nikola Tesla busting a move on a local beach babe at the Staten Island Midland Beach, New York City 1898. Tesla was a lifeguard, a world champion swimmer & he loved women! Contrary to false rumors spread by jealous rivals & recently by the not funny comedian; Matt "The Oatmeal" Inman, Tesla was NOT celibate. He allegedly had a 15" penis & had sexual affairs with 1,000's of women! Remember Tesla was 6'5" tall & he was very famous! Tesla never married because he enjoyed his single "Playboy" bachelor life too much to give it up for just one woman.

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