Nazi Lover- C.I.A.Co-Founder & Traitor: Frank Wisner Sr.


Otto Skorzeny Faked Wisner's
"Alleged" Suicide In 1965!

Traitor: Frank Wisner Sr. & "Clone" Frank Wisner Jr.
Mengele is behind Wisner Sr.


Most Wanted SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist Alois "The Butcher" Brunner aka: C.I.A. Assassin Fred Kobylarz "brown tie"& Frank "Nazi Lover" Wisner "blue suit" aka: Ed Kobylarz. Josef Mengele in the middle. 2003 Photo.

*Notice the gun in Brunner's right hand & a gun in his shoulder harness. Never Before Published Photo!


Frank Wisner Sr.'s C.I.A. comrade Dr. Josef Mengele made a "clone" of him. That's who Frank Wisner Jr. really is!

Frank Wisner Jr. - Is a Full Size "Mini-Me" Clone.
of Frank Sr. & Not His "Natural-Born" Son!

Frank Wisner Sr. (1965) Frank Wisner Sr. (2003)
Dr. Mengele is behind Wisner in the photo.

Wisner Sr. was the C.I.A.'s chief propaganda minister in charge of Operation Paperclip which illegally brought Hitler's entire Third Reich to America not just rocket scientists, along with Operation's Mockingbird & Gladio to use the U.S. Media as propaganda disinformation spewing outlets for the U.S. Government's agendas.


The "Illegal" American .S.S. Meetin here