C.I.A. Nazis

Erik ORION, the worlds greatest & only "real" Nazi Hunter discloses the identities' of the following Most Wanted Nazi War Criminal / C.I.A. Employees:

#1. *Otto Skorzeny was NOT a wanted Nazi war criminal after WWII.
#2 George H. Scherff Jr.
#3 Dr.Josef Mengele
#4 Reinhardt Gehlen
#5 Alois Brunner
#6 Walter Rauff


Otto Skorzeny was in charge of the United State's illegal Operation Paperclip which brought 1,000's of Nazis to America after WWII.


SS Nazi: Otto Skorzeny 1944










Former SS Nazi / C.I.A. Commando:
Otto Skorzeny 1999
Boynton Beach, Florida USA

*Skorzeny faked his alleged death in 1975 &
Adolph Hitler's alleged suicide many years before.






SS Nazi Spy: George H. Scherff Jr.

George H. Scherff Jr. was the son of Nikola Tesla's illegal immigrant, Austrian-born
Nazi Spy accountant:
George H. Scherff Sr.







SS Nazi War Criminal /
U.S. President:
George H.W. Bush










Nazi War Criminal: Dr. Josef Mengele- NJ 1987



Otto Skorzeny & Dr. Josef Mengele 1999




Dr. Josef Mengele Family
Hernando, FL 2003






SS Nazi War Criminal:
Dr. Josef Mengele






SS Nazi War Criminal:
Dr. Josef Mengele ake: C.I.A. Spook:
Steven T. Rabel aka: The Zodiac Killer
aka: The Boston Strangler aka:
The 2001 Anthrax Mailer Killer
Photo in 2003, Hernando, Florida USA




SS Nazi War Criminal
Holocaust Killer: Alois Brunner






SS Nazi War
Criminal Holocaust Killer:
Alois Brunner aka:
C.I.A. Spook: Freddie Kobylarz 2003





SS Nazi War Criminal: General Reinhardt Gehlen

















Nazi War Criminal: General Reinhardt Gehlen ake: C.I.A. Spook: Hank Janowicz
New Jersey 2003




wisner2 wisnerhead

C.I.A. Director/Propaganda Minister, U.S. Traitor / Nazi Lover: Frank Wisner Sr.
aka: Ed Kobylarz. 1965 & 2003
Frank Wisner Sr. faked his alleged
suicide in 1965.
New Bern, NC






SS Nazi War Criminal:
Holocaust Killer:
Walter Rauff

















SS Nazi War Criminal:
Holocaust Killer:
Walter Rauff aka: C.I.A. Spook: George Pfaff

Rauff had the fingers on his left hand & an eye blown off by an Israeli Mossad letter bomb. The Mossad mistook the Nazi war criminal Rauff for the Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner. Oh well.















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