The Communist LGBT Transgender Freemason Satanic Agenda Has Been Exposed!





"Heterosexuality, Traditional American Family Values, Freedom & Democracy
  are the Only Cure!"

Lia Thomas should be disqualified!

“By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women,
making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud.”

It's my opinion that the very ugly, LGBT-Q transgender man with a penis, Penn swimmer: "It" aka: Lia Thomas is a smart but mentally-ill brainwashed Communist illegally being paid money to compete as a woman by the Freemasons & the Democratic Party to help advance their gay, Communist, LGBT-Q, anti-American agenda. Obviously, "it" & all other man-trannys have an unfair strength advantage over genetically born females. Lia aka: "it" should chop it's penis off if "it"
really wants to be a female & compete against females!

It's not that difficult folks...if someone has a penis that someone is a man. If someone has a vagina & ovaries that someone is a woman. Men with penises should NOT be allowed to compete against women with vaginas. End of story. If you don't like what I have to say about LGBT-Q man-trannys, fuck you, fuck your feelings' & your gay Communist cancel culture agenda.



I'm accusing the Williams Sister/Brothers of being gay, LGBT transgender men on steroids pretending to be women. Obviously the gay black muscle-bound brothers have an enormous strength advantage over the women they illegally compete against & therefore should not be playing women's tennis. The Williams Brothers have penises.

These transgender men should be playing men's tennis not women's! Serena faked her pregnancy with a pillow
& a rubber baby bought on Hey Williams Sister/Brothers, If I'm lying, then sue me for slander
& let's let a Judge decide if you are natural born women or not.

Trump, Kushner, Ivanka & Ivana are Russian assets
& under the control of the Russian KGB!

Trump is a Dual-Citizen of Russia but the media won't disclose that fact.



Jared Kushner is really an ugly Russian Cossack LGBT woman KGB spy with a man's face. The Fascist, piece of shit F.B.I., C.I.A. & Secret Service know this is true but they are under Putin's command too, so they do nothing about it.


Jared Kushner is really an ugly Russian Cossack LGBT woman KGB spy with a man's face.


Ivan aka: Ivanka Trump is an LGBT transgender man with a woman's face. He is a Russian KGB spy just like his LGBT transgender father; Ivan aka: Ivana Trump.


The Canadian Castro Justin Trudeau & The Royal Canadian
Mounted Police Gestapo are a Piece of Shit Fascists!


The Communist Piece of Shit Dictator: Justin Trudeau is the Bastard Son of the
Piece of Shit Communist Dictator: Fidel Castro!

Communist Justin Trudeau was re-elected by the rigged C.I.A. / KGB owned Dominion Electronic Voting System
just like Communists Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. Canadians should rise-up & overthrow the piece of shit
Communist Justin Trudeau!


This political satire cartoon is so funny because it's true! Thank you Gary Varvel.

Yes, Hunter Biden smokes crack & is an alleged pedophile. However the Fascist, corrupt F.B.I. & C.I.A. are "illegally" suppressing this information to protect him & his father China Joe Biden.

Hey F.B.I.Nazis, why are you "illegally" hiding Hunter Biden's laptop full of child porn & Biden Family corrupt business dealing information? Why are you preventing the media from seeing its contents'?

Someone is Pretending to be Joe Biden. Who is the impostor & why is the C.I.A. LGBT-Q controlled media hiding this fact from the public?


Someone is wearing a Joe Biden latex face-mask while being interviewed
live on CNBC. Don't believe me?

Watch for yourselves at:


   Who is impersonating President Joe Biden & which Communist Country is controlling him?

#1  Who's wearing the Joe Biden latex face mask? Hunter? Pelosi? Putin? Who Knows?
#2  What happened to the "real" Joe Biden?
#3  Is the real Joe Biden dead?
#4 The Joe Biden impostor along with co-conspirators:
Pelosi, Harris, Obama, Feinstein, AOC, Bill & Hillary, Rice
et al...Communist / Democrat Traitors must be arrested
& tried for Treason!

Hey Communist, brown-eyed Joe Biden impersonator. You're Busted!


Attention Secret Service Communist Assholes: Do your fucking job & arrest the brown-eyed
Joe Biden latex mask wearing impostor / spy along with all of his Communist / Democrat


The real Joe Biden has blue eyes & facial wrinkles. The fake Joe Biden has brown eyes & a smooth latex face mask with no wrinkles. Is the real Joe Biden dead? If Joe Biden is not dead then he's probably being held hostage by his Communist controllers' & needs help. Biden's Communist handler's push a button to cut him off whenever he speaks live & goes off script. Who has the authority to him cut off? Maybe it's China, Russia, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein or Harris? Maybe it's all of them at the same time?

The New York Times, CNN & Fox News were officially notified about Joe Biden being an impostor wearing a latex Joe Biden face-mask. So far no action has been taken to investigate my claims'. Which means they are all complicit with the Communist C.I.A. takeover of America.





Is the Communist, transgender Traitor, George Soros operative; Nancy Pelosi actually running
the White House & cutting off Joe Biden's microphone when he goes off script?


I'm accusing Nancy Pelosi of being an ugly, LGBT, Communist C.I.A. controlled, Freemason transgender
man pretending to be a woman just like his son Alexander & Diane Feinstein. Traitor Pelosi & other
Traitor politicians are being paid by George Soros to implement useless mask mandates, forced
experimental vaccine kill-shots & lock-downs to kill, bankrupt & bring Communism to America.
It's time for the Communist LGBT man-tranny Traitors Pelosi & Feinstein to retire.


Here's what the LGBT Communist Traitor; Nancy Pelosi looks like without his make-up on.


The Communist mentally ill transgender Pelosi has a mentally ill Communist LGBT transgender son named Alexander who thinks that he is woman too. The goal of Communism it to be gay, transgender & gun free. The goal of gay, transgender, anti-gun owners is to be Communist. Communism, Socialism & LGBT
transgenderism are all forms of mental illness. They should be treated as a disability & not accepted as normal behavior by World Governments,
the mass media, Hollywood & society.

Communist Traitor Feinstein is an LGBT-Q Transgender Man!


Senator Diane "Franken" Feinstein is a Piece of Shit Communist LGBT-Q Transgender Freemason, C.I.A. Controlled Man, Like Pelosi & Many Others in Politics. 

I'm accusing the Fascist Senator: Diane "Franken" Feinstein & Nancy Pelosi of being ugly Communist C.I.A. controlled Freemason LGBT transgender men pretending to be women. The piece of shit Communist LGBT man-tranny Feinstein had a Chinese KGB spy working for him for more than 20 years.

For 20+ years Feinstein was getting paid by China to introduce Bills to take America's Gun's away to make it easier for China to attack & take-over America. Feinstein needs to be arrested & jailed for Treason! The Chinese spy was allowed to leave America without being arrested or even questioned by authorities. Feinstein & Pelosi are being paid by China & George Soros to stage fake gun mass shootings in a Communist effort to ban all guns in America.



The ugly Communist LGBT transgender man; Feinstein needs to be arrested for being a Chinese asset & tried for Treason. Feinstein is being paid by China to pass illegal, anti-gun laws in America. Fuck you Communist Feinstein & your gay, agenda.


The Recent "Alleged" N.Y. City Subway Shooting Never Fucking Happened! It Was Yet Another CNN /F.B.I /C.I.A. / FEMA Staged, False Flag Attack Hoax Paid for by George Soros to Ban All Guns in America & to Distract American's From the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal.


The Communist LGBT Transgender Woman; Chuck Schumer, AOC & her Jihad Squad of Communist / Democrats along with the Communist N.Y. Governor Hochul, the piece of shit Communist F.B.I., C.I.A. FEMA crisis actors & the NY City Police Department are the criminals responsible for the recent, alleged NYC subway false-flag attack shooting hoax.
These Communists must be arrested for Treason!

Be ready for more George Soros sponsored Communist false-flag attacks all over America. The Christian Fascist America Government is desperate to make mask mandates & Communist lock-downs permanent, to sexualize school children & to make America gay, transgender & gun-free.


The "alleged" Parkland High School, Sandy Hook & every other "alleged" school shooting NEVER happened.

They were all False-Flag, Active Shooter Drills created by the Fascist, Anti-American: F.B.I., C.I.A. FEMA
& The U.S. Dept. of In-Justice to create more restrictive gun control laws & ultimately ban all
weapons in America.


The Fascist, Anti-American Broward County, Florida Sheriff's Office & Parkland County Police are Responsible for the False-Flag Active Shooter Drill at Parkland High School. There is no video of the alleged school shooting because the school cameras were all turned off that day for some reason.


Here's the Communist LGBT transgender man: George Soros Agent:
Nancy Pelosi & his Communist anti-gun conspirators.

Every one of the Communist traitors who conspired with the mass media
& U.S. Government Politicians to create this anti-Constitutional false-flag
active shooter drill attack hoax should be arrested & tried for Treason!


Here's the lying, FEMA crisis actor / alleged Parkland High School shooting survivor
David Hogg & his lying, Communist F.B.I. dad telling him what to say.

Fuck your Communist anti-gun agenda.

If the F.B.I. & C.I.A. can't be trusted to protect America or the Constitution, why does America
need them around at all? We don't! America would be much better off without them, for sure.

We Americans have the First Amendment Right to say these things about the Government
& don't you forget it!


The U.S. Government has an LGBT-Q Communist,
Pro-Pedophilia, Anti-Gun Agenda. It Must be Stopped.

Australia Can Now Be Free. Its Corrupt, Mentally-ill Communist LGBT Man-Tranny Dictator; Gladys Berejiklian
Has Resigned in Shame. Communist Mentally-ill Man-Trannies Berejiklian & Kerry Chant; Go back to Nazi
Germany you gay, sick, transgender Fascist assholes.


There is hope for Australia to be free again now that its ugly,
Fascist piece of shit, corrupt, man-tranny Dictator /
Prime Minister has resigned in shame!


     No more lock-downs, no more mask mandates, no Nazi-like
  vaccine passports & no more forced kill shots...hopefully.

Attention Aussies: Your Dictator / Health Chief: The alleged
Doctor Kerry Chant is really an ugly, radicalized, mentally-ill,
piece of shit, Communist, LGBT, C.I.A. / KGB controlled,
Fascist, Freemason man-tranny.


The Very Ugly, Mentally-ill, LGBT Freemason C.I.A. Controlled Man-Tranny Dr. Kerry Chant.

Australia's Hitler; The Fascist, mentally-ill, LGBT transgender man, Dr. Chant wants endless lock-downs, continual forced kill shots & useless Muslim Sharia face masks forever. Fuck you man-tranny Dr. Chant & your Communist LGBT Freemason agenda!


Dr. Kerry Chant ; you are an ugly, very sick man. You are NOT a woman despite what the CIA brainwashed you to think. You need therapy to help recover from your LGBT Communist transgender mental illness, like all trannies do. Dr. Chant should wear a face mask at all times to cover his ugly, Fascist man-tranny face!


Aussie's; you must rise up, recall & or takeout Dr. Kerry Chant at all cost or Australia will become the next Nazi Germany! It's up to you to stop the mentally-ill, Communist man-tranny Dr. Kerry Chant from destroying Australia.

"LGBT Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Communism & Socialism are all Forms of Mental Illness!"


The radicalized, gay, Communist Muslim; former President Obama installed U.S. Supreme Court Justices; Elena Kagan & Sotomayor are really very ugly, LGBT, Freemason, C.I.A. / KGB controlled, Communist mentally-ill gay, transgender men pretending to be women, like many other politicians. There should be an 8 year term limit for Supreme Court Justices. No more life time jobs for any judge, especially Communist mentally-ill transgender men who think they are women.


Sotomayor was born a boy but raised by his Communist parents' as a transgender girl his entire life,   however the C.I.A. controlled LGBT filled media covers up this historical fact.


The Fascist Idiot Oregon Dictator Brown is Really
an Ugly, Mentally-Ill, Communist, C.I.A. Controlled
LGBT Transgender Man Pretending to be a Woman!


The gay, Fascist, power-drunk, man-tranny Brown is a Chinese Asset & Traitor to America! LGBT man-tranny Brown is obviously mentally ill & unfit for public service. Just like every other Communist Freemason LGBT tranny in politics.

Dictator Brown should be "Baker Acted" before he can cause more harm to Oregonians & to America!

Fuck you Fascist LGBT man-tranny Brown & your Communist mask mandates' & lock-downs'! It's time to recall the Communist Satanic Freemason LGBT man-tranny Brown now along with every other Communist LGBT man-tranny Satanic Freemason politician & Communist school board member in America!

The Communist, C.I.A. controlled Freemason, LGBT man-tranny
Durkan needs to be impeached & or recalled immediately before "he" can cause more harm to Seattle, Washington & America.

New Zealand Dictator Ardern is a Fascist, Piece of Shit, LGBT, KGB/C.I.A.
Controlled Man-Tranny!



Attention New Zealanders: You Should Rise Up & Overthrow Your Dictator: Jacinda Ardern. She is really a Fascist, Sadistic, KGB Controlled, Mentally Ill, LGBT, Gay Man-Tranny pretending to be a woman!


Your gay, man-tranny Dictator Ardern needs to be impeached arrested for being a power-drunk, Fascist Nazi!

The Fascist, piece of shit Dictator / Prime Minister of New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern aka: the Jackal is really an ugly, KGB controlled, mentally ill, Freemason LGBT transgender man pretending to be a woman. Here he is trying to look sad & concerned. Nice try asshole.


Jacinda Ardern aka: the Jackal is really an ugly, KGB controlled Freemason LGBT, mentally ill transgender man pretending to be a woman like many others in politics! Fuck you Fascist Man-Tranny Ardern & your Nazi-like Covid-19 lockdowns!

Breaking News!

The Fascist, piece of shit German Dictator: Angela Merkel is really an ugly, KGB controlled Freemason
LGBT transgender man pretending to be a woman. Just Like Ardern!




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“I wasn't able to sleep at all. When I finished the book all I could think about is how much the U.S. Government
is lying about WWII History....“

— William C. Avery


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