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The LGBT Agenda is to be Communist, Gay, Transgender & Gun-Free!

LGBT Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Communism & Socialism
are all forms of mental illness.
They should be treated as a disability & not
accepted as normal behavior by World Governments, the mass media,
Hollywood & Society.


The alleged doctor, Rachel Levine is an ugly, Communist C.I.A. controlled "mentally ill" Freemason, LGBT man-tranny who
thinks that he is a woman. Communist Levine is under the control of the Chinese Government like the majority of U.S. Politicians.
Fuck you Communist Levine & all of your gay, LGBT Communist transgender Freemason butt-buddies! Communist Levine removed his
mother from an assisted living facility before mandating that sick Covid-19 patients be placed in assisted living facilities all across the
Communist State of Pennsylvania to increase the death toll numbers. He also encouraged gay orgies in warehouses while wearing face-masks.

Communism, Socialism & LGBT transgenderism are all forms of mental illness. They should be treated as a disability & not accepted as
normal behavior by World Governments, the mass media, Hollywood & society.

It's my opinion that Communist transgender Levine is mentally ill, unfit for Government service & should retire immediately before
he can cause more harm to America. America doesn't need any more Communist mentally ill LGBT C.I.A. controlled
Freemasons in Government. Fuck you Communist tranny Levine.

I encourage all man-trannies to take the final step in being completely Communist by chopping off their penis's to make a "man-gina."
The final step to being a complete Communist man-tranny...

The C.I.A. / Dominion Voting Machine installed President; Sleepy Joe Biden
filled the US Government with unqualified, mentally-ill, Fascist, low IQ,
LGBT woke minorities, transgenders, homosexuals & lesbians in a
Communist effort to destroy America from within.

The only cure for woke, LGBT, Communism is Freedom, Democracy
& traditional American Family Values!

Fuck You LGBT Fascist Tranny Politicians!

Every Fascist LGBT Freemason tranny in politics is mentally-ill,
unfit for service & should be "Baker-Acted" to protect the public.

For more information & identities of Fascist LGBT Freemason trannies
in politics, visit the Fascist LGBT Politicians section of this website.


Erik ORION's Amazing Bush Connection Book
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The Bush Connection is an amazing, non-fiction, copyright protected anti-Nazi
history book that details the Bush Family's connections to Nazi war criminals,
Adolph Hitler, the murder of Dr. Nikola Tesla, Operation Paperclip & many other
true conspiracies. Commando Otto Skorzeny faked his alleged death in 1975 &
tells all at a recent death-bed confession! Skorzeny was acquitted of committing
"alleged' war crimes at the Nuremburg Trials. Skorzeny; the most wanted man in
Europe during WWII, was not a wanted Nazi War Criminal after WWII, thanks to
the American O.S.S.


See never before published photos from Otto Skorzeny's
private photo albums'. Including the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler
after his alleged suicide.

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 19
is Solved by Erik ORION!

The Corrupt, Fascist  U.S. Navy is Covering-up the Truth,
Like They Always Do!

It wasn't aliens from the Bermuda Triangle or bad weather that caused
Flight 19 to vanish without a trace. It was sabotage. Plain & simple!

George H.W Bush was a foreign born, piece of shit, Nazi saboteur aka: George H. Scherff Jr. The Fascist, corrupt United States Government knows this historical fact is true, but keeps it classified & hidden from public records to protect the alleged integrity of "illegal" Bush Family Presidency.

The corrupt, lying, U.S. Navy & The History Channel would like you to believe that Aliens in the Bermuda Triangle, time portals, bad weather on a sunny day or that the entire squadron became lost for some unknown reason along with the rescue plane that fateful day. Instead of telling the Public the truth that Flight 19 was sabotaged by the young Nazi pilot George H. Scherff Jr aka: George H.W. Bush!

Nazi; Bush placed magnets next to the compasses on every plane in his Flight 19 Squadron which caused his entire squadron to get disoriented & crash into the ocean when their fuel ran out. It wasn't aliens from the Bermuda Triangle that caused Flight 19 to vanish. It was Nazi sabotage by George H.W. Bush! The C.I.A. Operation Mockingbird mass media continues to lie about this event to protect George H.W. Bush's real identity as a Nazi spy; George H. Scherff Jr. George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George HW Bush was NOT born in America. However, the piece of shit, Communist C.I.A., Secret Service & FBI illegally allowed the foreign born Nazi spy to become a U.S. President. It's their fault that America is so Fascist & screwed-up today.


The disappearance of Flight 19 over the Bermuda Triangle is finally solved!

U.S. Navy Pilot: George H. Bush was really a foreign born Nazi Spy: George H. Scherff Jr!

It wasn't strange phenomena from the Bermuda Triangle, Aliens, bad weather or pilot error that caused Flight 19 to vanish without a trace. It was Sabotage by Nazi: George H.W. Bush!

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Publishers & Movie Producers Wanted!

It's my new and original theory that Oak Island was built on top of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid City known as New Egypt,
the capital city of New Jerusalem. It is also my theory that every island in Nova Scotia was man-made by the Freemasons
to hide ancient Egyptian Pyramids once loaded with gold. The Russian, American & Canadian Governments along with
the Freemasons have been lying to the world about Egyptian Pyramids existing on Oak Island for their own monetary
benefit for 100's of years! Visit the Pyramids of Oak Island section of this website & www.thepyramidsofoakisland.com
for more information.

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 "LGBT Transgenderism, Homosexuality, Lesbianism,
Communism & Socialism are all Forms of Mental Illness!"

"Heterosexuality, Traditional American Family Values, Freedom & Democracy are the only cure!"

Erik ORION 2021

The Fascist Idiot Oregon Dictator Brown is Really an Ugly, Mentally-Ill, Communist, C.I.A. Controlled
LGBT Transgender Man Pretending to be a Woman!




Erik ORION's amazing book; Critical Race Theory for Dummies -  aka: The Communist LGBT Political Agenda Exposed aka: Transgender Politicians Exposed reveals the true LGBT agenda; to be gay, transgender, Communist & gun-free. Communist LGBT Freemason mentally-ill trannies are in positions of power all around the world.

From politicians, Supreme Court Justices to school board members. These mentally-ill, Fascist man-trannies are under control of the the Communist CIA / KGB. They must be stopped before they bring Communism to America.


Communist Amazon.com banned this book because they don't want people to know what their Communist LGBT political agenda is.Too bad for them,

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Critical Race Theory for Dummies
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The C.I.A. / Dominion Voting Machine installed U.S.
President Joe Biden is under the control of the
Chinese Government!

Is the "real" Joe Biden dead? If not he might be
held hostage by his Communist C.I.A. controllers'
& needs help!

Here's the installed puppet dictator Joe Biden with his KGB Chinese PLA controller behind him.
Joe Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Newsom, Whitmer & Feinstein are under the control of George Soros & the
Chinese Government.


Someone is wearing a Joe Biden latex face-mask while being interviewed
live on CNBC. Don't believe me?

Watch for yourselves at: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8kyIZUGcGH1P/


Maybe the crackhead "alleged" pedophile Hunter Biden is pretending to be his father by wearing
the latex Joe Biden mask? M
aybe it's Putin, Obama or Pelosi behind the mask? Who knows?


   Who is impersonating President Joe Biden &
     which Communist Country is controlling him?

#1  Who's wearing the Joe Biden latex face mask?
#2  What happened to the "real" Joe Biden?
#3  Is the real Joe Biden dead?
#4 The Joe Biden impostor along with co-conspirators:
Pelosi, Harris, Obama, Feinstein, AOC, Bill & Hillary, Rice
et al...Communist / Democrat Traitors must be arrested
& tried for Treason!

Hey Communist, brown-eyed Joe Biden impersonator. You're Busted!


Attention Secret Service:
Do your job & arrest the brown-eyed Joe Biden latex mask wearing
impostor / spy along with all of his Communist / Democrat conspirators'.

The real Joe Biden has blue eyes & facial wrinkles. The fake Joe Biden has brown eyes & a smooth
latex face mask with no wrinkles. Is the real Joe Biden dead? If Joe Biden is not dead then he's probably
being held hostage by his Communist controllers' & needs help.

The New York Times, CNN & Fox News were officially notified about Joe Biden being an impostor wearing
a latex Joe Biden face-mask. So far no action has been taken to investigate my claims'. Which means they are all
complicit with the Communist C.I.A. takeover of America.

U.S. Communist Traitor Politicians & other Communist Countries politicians' are allegedly suffering from Havana Syndrome
aka: Tesla's Revenge EMP / Orgon Energy attacks. Are bad U.S. Politicians being punished by someone? Paybacks maybe?
I bet the C.I.A. / KGB is wondering who else has this advanced Tesla Technology, besides them to do something like that?
Ha, ha, ha...
Here's the C.I.A. installed Communist LGBT transgender woman do nothing Vice-President Kamala Harris
stunned while under the control of an advanced EMP / Orgon Energy beam weapon. Brain dead impostor Biden
& Harris are under the direct control of the Chinese Government. America is doomed.


The radicalized, gay, Communist Muslim; former President Obama is serving as the de-facto President of
the United States along with Communists: Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Feinstein, Warren, AOC & Rice.
They are the White House traitors who censor & cut-off Biden's microphone when he goes off script
& tries to talk on his own. Brain dead, child sniffing China Joe Biden is just a puppet for the Communist
New World Order takeover of America.

911 Was a False Flag Attack by the U.S. Government
& Don't You Forget it!


The anti-American, Fascist C.I.A., corrupt LGBT filled FBI, NSA, TSA, Air Force,
US Army, Navy & US Dept. of Injustice are responsible for the 911 attacks against
America to distract the Public from the $2.3 trillion dollars the Bush Administration
stole from them...And they all got away with it by falsely blaming the C.I.A.
supported terrorist; Bin Laden.

On 9/10/2001 Rumsfeld announced that the Bush Administration can't account for more
than $2.3 trillion dollars of Taxpayer money. They just don't know what happened to it...
The very next day, the planned 911 attacks took place. Any coincidence? Nah.

All three towers were imploded in a controlled demolition, multi-billion dollar insurance
fraud scheme that all the politicians & building owner; Silverstein profited from. CNN
announced in advance that WTC 7 had been destroyed too. Silverstein said on a live
broadcast that the buildings were "pulled"which means they were demolished.
No plane hit the Pentagon on 911. It was a missile launched by a US Navy Sub
that put a hole in the Pentagon not a plane. The US Government attacked itself
& blamed Bin Laden.



The Fascist C.I.A., F.B.I. & NSA Are All Part of Hitler's
4th Reich in America & Don't You Forget It !

C.I.A. Co-Founder / Propaganda Minister / Nazi Lover / Traitor:
Frank Wisner Sr. faked his alleged suicide in 1965.


Here's the C.I.A. Spook: Frank Wisner Sr. aka: Ed Kobylarz. New Bern, NC. in 2003. *Nazi war criminal CIA Spook:
Dr. Josef Mengele is standing behind him with black hair. Read all about it & more in The Bush Connection book...

Can you name one "good" thing the C.I.A. has ever done for America? Good luck trying. The Fascist C.I.A., F.B.I. & NSA
are no friends of America. They consider themselves above the law & want Communism here in America at all cost.

Fuck you C.I.A. Nazis & your Communist Covid-19 Hoax!


The corrupt, Fascist, Nazi, U.S. Postal Inspectors now think that it's okay to illegally open, search & read mail without court ordered warrants of any American Citizen that makes pro-American posts on social media.


Trump Got Screwed!


The Communist, anti-American, piece of shit C.I.A. & the corrupt, Fascist,  LGBT filled F.B.I. stole Trump's votes' with Chinese made Dominion electronic voting machines & flipped them to Communist Joe Biden.The C.I.A. & F.B.I. are murdering witnesses to their 2020 election fraud to silence their election theft. Russian asset, Trump is afraid to challenge the election results because he is compromised.


The C.I.A. controlled Operation Mockingbird media, corrupt Soros funded Federal Judges, along with the Communist LGBT transgender Oligarch: Bill Gates, George Soros & all the mentally-ill, Communist LGBT politicians are guilty of Treason & Sedition by conspiring to install Communist Joe Biden as President!


Breaking News!


Communist Dictator Joe Biden announced that he is going
to ban semi automatic personal defense weapons in violation
of he 2nd Amendment!
Biden wants to disarm Americans so it will be easier for China to attack & take over America. Biden is prepared to surrender America to China if attacked.


Here's the creeper Dictator Joe Biden staring at Mr. Susan Rice's LGBT transgender man boobs!

Communist Dictator - The feeble minded idiot, creeper, hair sniffer Joe Biden must be impeached now before his illegal Executive Order's ban all guns in America!


Jared Kushner is Really a Russian KGB Female Spy & Ivanka Trump is Really a KGB Male Spy! The Corrupt, Fascist F.B.I. & C.I.A. are being paid by Vladimir Putin to protect his spy's; Jared & Ivanka.


Comrad Jared Kushner is really an ugly, skinny Russian Cossack transgender woman KGB / LGBT spy
with a man's face & no one in the U.S. Government or media cares. WTF?

Attention: F.B.I. & Secret Service Retards: Why don't you arrest Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump & Donald Trump
for being Russian assets / spies? Too afraid? Yah, your real boss Putin wouldn't like that too much, would he?

This is a never before published, formerly-classified C.I.A. photo of the Russian female; Comrad Dzhared Kushner
with her Spetsnaz / Paratrooper / Female Special Forces unit before "she" had facial reconstructive surgery
& hormone injections to look like a man.

Ivanka Trump is really a big, ugly Communist KGB controlled Freemason LGBT transgender man just like his
transgender father Ivana Trump.
Breaking News!

The Satanic Freemason Transgender God; Baphomet.

Erik ORION exposes the Secret Satanic Society / Cabal of Communist C.I.A. controlled, brainwashed, ugly, mentally ill, low IQ, LGBT transgender Freemason men & women who are working at all levels of the American Government & they're the ones making the laws. I will be exposing all of them one by one...

No wonder America is so screwed up! The transgender Freemasons are trying hard to ban all guns, turn America gay & implement Communism accompanied with Muslim Sharia Law face-coverings. They must be stopped from creating a gay, gun-free Communist New World Order in America.

Communism, Socialism & LGBT transgenderism are all forms of mental illness. They should be treated as a disability & not accepted as normal behavior by World Governments, the mass media, Hollywood & society.

Covid-19 is a Global C.I.A. / KGB Hoax! It's all just a big Communist lie to destroy America & the World.


Here is the Communist C.I.A. controlled Freemason LGBT transgender man; Nancy Pelosi & her minions
of Socialist Democrats groveling & pandering for black votes. How pathetic & obvious...

pelosi-facial2 pelosi-corpse3

Breaking News!

It's official, evil, ugly, Communist C.I.A. controlled LGBT Fascist transgender Freemasons that hate America have taken over the U.S. Government along with the mass media & Trump is their "puppet" Dictator.


Free Speech Muzzle / Mask / Burka Wearing Mandates
Are Un-American & Un-Constitutional!

No Muslim Burka Face-Covering Mandates in America!


America is under attack by its own Fascist C.I.A. controlled Communist Government once again, just like on 911. The Fascist American Government, including most if not all of the politicians & the C.I.A. controlled Operation Mockingbird mainstream media are full of shit & can't be trusted. Read all about it in The Bush Connection book available on Amazon.com.



Donald Trump has sex with his transgender daughter: Ivanka. I knew it! Mary Trump attests to this in her new book; "Too Much & Never Enough."


Donald Trump is probably the real father of Ivanka's children. Incest is best apparently...

Jared Kushner is NOT a man! Jared is a Russian KGB/C.I.A./LGBT transgender woman spy with a man's face. The U.S. Government & the C.I.A. controlled mainstream media doesn't care that Jared is really a Russian female spy, so it's ok. There are many other Russian LGBT transgender women spies with men's faces' working in the American Government. Huh? Ivanka could really be a Russian "Red Sparrow" sex-slave spy working for Putin. There's a very high probability that the giant 6'3" Ivanka Trump is really Ivan Trump a gay, LGBT transgender man with nice-looking fake boobs.

Who is the real father of Ivanka's "alleged" children? Hey U.S. Federal assholes; it's time to arrest Jared & Trump for being Russian assets. WTF are you waiting for? Maybe lawsuits will make you do your "job?"

The Fascist, corrupt, anti-American, lazy, do nothing F.B.I., C.I.A., NSA & Secret Service are illegally protecting their Russian assets' Trump & the Russian transgender female spy with a man's face; Jared Kushner. It's time for America to clean house & fire every one of those Federal Commie traitors starting with Trump & Kushner! It's time to shut down the Communist anti-American F.B.I. & C.I.A for Treason.



Comrad Jared Kushner is really an ugly, skinny Russian Cossack
transgender woman KGB/LGBT spy with a man's face.


Comrad Dzhared Kushner is really a tall, skinny, masculine looking Russian Cossack transgender woman
KGB spy with a man's face. Jared has a vagina, flat tits & a surgically altered man's face.


This is a never before published photo of the Russian female; Comrad Dzhared Kushner with her Spetsnaz /
Paratrooper / Female Special Forces unit before "she" had facial reconstructive surgery & hormone injections
to look like a man.

Here's Comrad Dzhared Kushner's Russian female military unit.


*Watch as the Russian female Dzhared Kushner transforms into: the man;
Jared Kushner right before your eyes!

*Hey Feds & Secret Service, what more do you Communist douchebags want to arrest Comrad Jared Kushner for being a Russian LGBT woman spy for Putin? Are all of you LGBT cocksuckers & afraid to, is that it? Yah, your "real" boss Putin wouldn't like that too much either, would he? I understand now...Comrad Kushner will be the next Vice-President & then President shortly after, unless you incompetent, Fascist "morons" arrest her/him now!

The corrupt, rogue, anti-American, Fascist C.I.A., F.B.I. & Secret Service are all aware that Jared is really a transgender female Russian spy however they choose to remain silent because they are all secretly part of the Communist Russian KGB Trump Family New World Order take-over of America. If these agencies care about America they will arrest Comrad Jared Kushner for being a Russian transgender female spy. If not, they won't. Only time will tell...The World is watching & waiting...



You can help prevent the Communist C.I.A. New World Order takeover of America by helping me maintain this website.

Any size donation is appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Hey I'm white, Jewish & I love America without Communism. Why not help support me instead
or in addition to the BLM Communist Party?


The alleged Chinese Kung Flu Virus is all just a global Communist C.I.A. FEMA pandemic hoax exercise to allow World Governments to seize more power & Rights from their citizens'. It's all just a big C.I.A. Communist lie to take over America. It's Fascism that's spreading around the world not an "alleged" killer flu named Covid-19. Trump admitted it was a hoax from the start until his Communist C.I.A. controllers' told him to go along with it or else. It's just the seasonal flu people no more, no less.


Screw You Communist Justin Castro-Trudeau!


The rumors are true, Justin Trudeau "Lil' Castro" is one of Fidel Castro's many "bastard" son's!


The Canadian Government took advantage of the global Covid-19 hoax plandemic distraction and staged a mass shooting in Nova Scotia last week as an excuse to ban all semi-automatic personal defense weapons, including all AR-15's. Canadian Castro-Trudeau said "Enough is Enough" & just like that an immediate ban took effect. Castro would be very proud of his young Fascist bastard son; Canadian Castro-Trudeau.

Canadian Prime Minister on Friday announced that assault-style firearms would be banned in the country. The announcement follows Trudeau's vow to push for stricter gun control after a mass shooting ended with 23 dead on April 19. Beginning on Friday, around 1,500 makes and models of military-grade firearm weapons would be banned from licensed gun owners to sell, transport, import or use in the country, according to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair affirmed the order, saying, "As of today, the market for assault weapons in Canada is closed."

"Enough is enough — banning these firearms will save Canadian lives," he added. Trudeau also announced that Canada will not reopen until a vaccine with a tracking microchip is developed that can be forcibly injected into all Canadians before allowing them to leave their home's & return to work. Lame!


American's need to be able to protect themselves with guns, as the U.S. Constitution guarantees.


Hey everyone; don't forget that in America it's okay to own guns & to be pro-NRA.


New York City & other American Cities are using spy drones donated by China to harass the public while enforcing Trump's illegal social distancing orders'. States are raking in millions of dollars by illegally arresting & fining people during this staged, global hoax, power grab "alleged" pandemic. States are releasing murderers & rapists from jail to make room for honest law abiding stay at home order violaters. It's official, Chinese Communism is here in America & it's here to stay unless we all fight back.


It's official, the American Government along with the CDC is under the complete control of the Chinese Health Ministry aka: the W.H.O. & the Russian Communist Government with Comrad "KGB" Kushner & Dictator Trump leading America into a Fascist State of Oblivion.


fascism-sign nofreespeech noguns


cuomo2 stelter1
Here are a few of the Treasonous / Communist C.I.A. / FEMA global hoax pandemic dis-information propaganda spreading liars: LGBT trangenders Cuomo, DeBlasio & CNN's Stelter.

Communist Cuomo looks like he just shit himself on live T.V. while DeBlasio grimaces
& moves away from the foul stench...


Communist transgender NYC Mayor DeBlasio violated his own strict lock down orders' & illegally traveled to Brooklyn yesterday with his man-wife for a leisurely stroll in the park. American citizens have been fined & arrested for doing the same thing. Why is the "ruling class" immune from the laws & mandates that they create? I call for the immediate arrest of Communist NYC Mayor De Blasio for violating his own lock-down mandate. Fuck you Communist hypocrites; Deblasio & Cuomo! May you both rot in hell!


Communists DeBlasio & Cuomo are violating the public's First Amendment Right to "peaceably assemble" by forbidding New Yorkers their right to protest.

Amendment I:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It's time to sue Communist assholes Cuomo & DeBlasio to make them "unlock" New York & to allow peaceful assembly protests.


The extremely rich, Communist fat sack of shit Governor of Illinois; J.B. Pritzker's wife violated JB's stay at home mandate & flew herself along with her Secret Service security entourage to their $25 million dollar mansion in Wellington, FL. JB claims it's worth only worth $12 million dollars for tax purposes. Once again, the ruling class exempts itself from the laws they create. JB got upset at a reporter for asking him about his wife violating his stay at home mandate.




While America is being distracted by a Fascist FEMA hoax pandemic, the evil Communist bull-dyke LGBT lesbian Elizabeth Warren along with Communist LBGT Neocon Nancy Pelosi & all the other evil LGBT Communist Democrats are busy trying to sneak H.R 5717, the most aggressive gun control bill of all time into the 4th Stimulus package. Including a 30% tax, federal licensure, aggressive ban on many firearms and more. AR-15's & hand guns will be banned to make America safer, if this un-Constitutional Bill gets passed! May you all rot in hell you Communist LGBT assholes!

American's have Constitutional Rights that will not be denied.
We will fight back to protect our Rights'.


United We Stand. Don't Tread On Me!

Semi-automatic AR-15 "personal defense weapons" are protected
under the 2nd Amendment!


America's right to bare arms will not be infringed on for any reason.



"Remember to think TRUMP when you take a DUMP!"™ & "Think TRUMP when you wipe your RUMP!"™ Did you know Trump has Russian Dual-Citizenship? Of course not. The Fascist C.I.A. controlled mainstream media won't disclose that fact to the public. Trump & Jared don't pay any income tax just like most other millionaires & billionaires in America. That's why Trump refuses to show his tax returns. Duh? If they don't pay any taxes, why should you?


cialogo hammer-sickle

The Fascist C.I.A. & KGB are "allegedly" spraying the "Chinese Kung Flu"on the public from crop duster-like air tanker jets disguised as commercial jets all over the world. The U.S. Government is also using faulty unsterile, infected Chinese made test kits & face masks that are actually helping to spread the Chinese Kung Flu Virus throughout America & the world. The Fascist C.I.A. is also "allegedly" spreading the Chinese Kung Flu by intentionally giving it to the public in "hot-dosed" flu shots like they do every year.




Who killed Seth Rich & why hasn't there been any arrests?



Julian Assange, Manning & Snowden Must Be Released.


Julian Assange is an innocent political prisoner & must be set free.

Assange, Snowden & Manning must go free now before they contract the Chinese Kung Flu Virus while in prison.


"People shouldn't be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of its people!" - V.

World Governments have been violating their citizens' for too long. So, I think it's time for the citizens' to return the favor & violate the Government for a change. Hey, someone has to keep the Fascist global Illuminati Bilderberger assholes in line & that someone is me. It's game on!

The American Government is Bankrupt.
There is no gold in Ft. Knox!


"You can click on the newspaper story above to enlarge it for easier reading."

There has been no official audit of Ft. Knox since 1953! The corrupt, Fascist U.S. Government desperately protects the "myth"
that there is gold in Ft. Knox to prevent a civil war in America if the public ever found out the truth that it was empty.


The C.I.A. stole all the gold from Ft. Knox in 1973 to use to fund a Fascist C.I.A./Nazi 4th Reich takeover of America.
Ft. Knox is currently filled with fake gold plated lead bars. The Federal Reserve refuses to allow access to anyone
to audit the gold in Ft. Knox in violation of U.S. Law, because there is no gold!

The American Public has the legal right to audit Ft. Knox!


There is no Gold in Ft. Knox!

The Federal Reserve & C.I.A. Nazis looted all of America's gold reserves' years in 1973 & deposited it in David Rockefeller's vault. According to Otto Skorzeny. The Federal Reserve MUST be audited to restore Democracy to America! Any senator, congressman or President that is against auditing the FED should be impeached!



Here's King Trump's trusted legal adviser & butt-buddy the LGBT attorney: Rudy Giuliani in drag.


Here's Dictator Trump exhibiting bad Conservative Christian behavior by
"motor-boating" Rudy's fake tits'.



1965 & 2003

C.I.A. Propaganda Minister: Frank Wisner aka: Ed Kobylarz of New Bern, North Carolina with C.I.A. Agent: Dr. Josef Mengele aka: Steven Rabel standing behind him. The Nazi sympathizer/Communist C.I.A. Propaganda Minister: Frank Wisner faked his alleged suicide in 1965. Wisner was in charge of the American O.S.S's illegal Operation Paperclip which brought Hitler's entire SS Gestapo along with rocket scientists to merge with the American O.S.S. to create the C.I.A. The C.I.A. is Hitler's 4th Reich in America. Wisner was also in charge of the C.I.A.'s illegal Operation Mockingbird & Operation Gladio.


"Operation Mockingbird" is a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the early 1950s and continues to this day. The C.I.A. manipulates the news media for its Communist propaganda purposes. It also funds student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations. Anderson Cooper is a CIA Operation Mockingbird LGBT agent.


Gladio: government-sponsored false flag operations which create terrorism and then has the media blame it on leftists and progressives in an effort to enact Communist gun control laws or to sway public
opinion about an alleged event.

Here is a recent example of another C.I.A. / FEMA "false-flag" Operation Gladio "staged" terrorism event:


911 was an inside job to cover-up the Bush Administrations' 2.3 trillion dollar theft of taxpayer money from the U.S. Government.


George H.W. Bush was a foreign born Nazi Spy aka: George H. Scherff Jr. He was the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla's illegal immigrant accountant; George H. Scherff Sr. Bush wasn't born in America however the Fascist, corrupt, anti-American Secret Service, F.B.I. & C.I.A. illegally allowed him to become a U.S. President. This secret information is contained in my book; The Bush Connection. The Sand Hook, Parkland High School & all the rest of the "alleged" mass shootings never happened! They were all false-flag active shooter drills paid for by George Soros in a Communist attempt to ban all guns in America. Communist corrupt U.S. politicians are being paid to take our guns away & other freedoms.


George Soros should be banned from paying U.S. Politicians to repeal our laws.


Fred Trump, Donald's alleged father was a fucking alien-hybrid. He was NOT human!
Does Fred's ear & face-shape look normal to you? No f*cking way!

Fred Trump could have been a transgender, morphing, space alien-hybrid "lizard" possibly from Mars.

Donald Trump, Theresa May, Boris Johnson-"back row", Angela Merkel & young Vladimir Putin
The Communist transgender, morphing space alien-hybrid Russian Trump Family are controlling
the World.



If elected, all of the Socialist Democrat candidates will try to ban & confiscate all weapons in America. The gay, LGBT, cock-sucking, Communist Soros agent; Beto has announced his desire for mass gun confiscations for all of America. Communist LGBT Beto sucks & so do all the other Socialist Democrat politicians who are being paid by George Soros to ban guns & limit free speech in America to make China happy.


The Communist LGBT Democrats just passed the stopgap funding bill, which postpones a government shutdown, however it also includes a barely noticed 3-month renewal of the Patriot Act's illegal, un-Constitutional warrantless data collection on all American Citizen's by the NSA aka: the KGB.



The Fascist C.I.A., NSA & F.B.I. are all part of the Russian KGB here in America. Every "alleged" mass shooting in America has been a false-flag active shooter drill created by the Fascist U.S. Government, Sheriff/KGB/Police departments, FEMA, F.B.I. & the C.I.A. controlled mainstream media in a coordinated Treasonous effort to ban all guns in America so it will be easier for Russia, N. Korea & China to invade & takeover America, soon. Almost every politician in America is a Communist Traitor who wants to ban all guns in America. Attention U.S. / KGB Government: Don't tread on me anymore!


Don't believe the Socialist/Democrat: man-tranny Dirty Sanchez-Alex Cortez; Socialism really stinks!


Socialism Stinks!


Bernie should retire from politics & go back to Russia.


The LGBT Socialist Democrat anti-gun man-tranny, donkey party "squad" sucks & so does Communist King Trump.


The Russians own the manufacturers all of the electronic voting machines in the world. They are able to hack the results to flip votes to their candidates' every time they want to. That's how Bush Jr. got elected twice, Obama & Trump. If you choose to vote, you better use an absentee paper ballot. Those are harder to "hack."Just about every U.S. politician is really a Russian Communist spy who wants to ban all guns in American, so they can create a Fascist New World Order Government in America.


Hey everyone; don't forget that in America it's okay to own guns & to be pro-NRA.


The NRA protects America's right to bare arms unlike our Fascist elected officials
& the C.I.A. controlled mainstream media.


Communist C.I.A / Google has an illegal monopoly & total censorship control of the internet.


Attention C.I.A./Google: You have been violating my guaranteed American Constitutional First Amendment Right's to free speech for too long by "locking" my websites' & Youtube Channel. You need to stop shadow blocking me. "Unlock" my websites' now.


Don't tread on me anymore. 10/20/2021

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*Disclaimer: I am NOT "Q!" This website is NOT affiliated with the pro-Trump "Quanon" conspiracy cult.
Those pro-Trump Christian Fascist Quanon sheeple are idiots.


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